The Wing — Investing into Women-Centered Workspaces

I’m in! 👐

I just got my all access pass to The Wing #thewing, where I’m planning to be based out of the Georgetown branch, spending Fridays there and getting to know other women techies, founders, investors, doers and dreamers in the DC area.

What’s great about this membership network is the opportunity to have a home base when traveling, with 3 branches in NYC and one in SF, and new branches opening up in LA, London, Toronto, Seattle, and Chicago. Also, beautiful, inspiring amenities with a female focus, which is so different from “regular” coworking spaces (I see you lactation room and pretty pink design). There’s also a full event calendar — I’m looking forward to participating in any tech events.

You can check out the spaces on their instagram account.

For the last fourteen years I’ve been leading teams for large-scale web development projects in refactoring, redesign/redevelopment, platform buildout, & new product launches, working on staff and as a web developer, product team lead, data architect, software engineer, and CTO for government, public agencies, trade associations, non-profits, & startups. Here’s my LinkedIn.

I’ve been narrowing my focus over the last few years with the aim of being the very best in my field, and to be the go-to for technical solutions within my areas of expertise. Along the way I’ve been sharing what I’ve learned as much as possible (on Medium and on LinkedIn Pulse). This has been a difficult task for me, a natural introvert who doesn’t like to be “in front”, but I’ve challenged myself by being on speaker panels, mentoring and judging, writing, and in general documenting as much as possible about my process and tools/tips I’ve found to be helpful.

I believe each of us has a calling to use our knowledge, ideas, & talents to advance fairness, justice, safety, health, sustainability, & wellbeing.

My focus is to build community, foster connectedness, and use my technical & management skills to make a better world, and my current efforts to do this are in the field of environmental sustainability (such as my job as digital products director at Green America), as well as in social enterprise (leading the development of a strong network of female founders and investors — if this describes you, please do apply to join the Female Founders Facebook community where I co-moderate, or my vetted LinkedIn group).

I strongly believe, and have been saying for a long time: we #makeapositivedifference when we work together, and this is so beautifully encapsulated in The Wing’s motto, Alis Grave Nil, Nothing Is Heavy To Those Who Have Wings.

My passions are: sustainability, social justice, diversity, entrepreneurship, education, and science & technology as vehicles for positive social change. If you’re in the DC area and seeking out tech solutions, let’s connect at The Wing! Tweet me.



Monica S. Flores
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