This post is response to this article that the Atlantic posted more than a year ago. Following@ThisIsSethsBlog’s recent advice To overcome an irrational fear I am sharing this now. It was original posted here


So much talk about leaning in. And so much backlash that others are going to the extreme by advocating leaning out, leaning back, or “reclining” en masse.

Sheryl Sandberg postulates that the reason upper management is still a boys club is because women are held back — by their circumstance & by their own selves: women lean back, thereby missing opportunities to develop their careers. The answer: women need to lean in and take on more leadership. Ugh. Did you read that? Women need to take on more.

I say no. It’s the opposite. Women need to take on less and delegate more. That’s how men do it. Men say “it’ll get done” and then they find some junior (female) colleague to actually get it done.

Lean In…Lean Back…Why can’t women take the middle road? Don’t take on too much or too little whether it be at home or at the office. Learn when to say no. Learn that saying no is ok. Just Stand Up Straight. That’s it.