Moms Avenue Evolves into Femergy — Women Business Network and Accelerator

Dear Community,

Every good idea should go through its entrepreneurship journey. So did Moms Avenue project. Moms Avenue is back and from now on will be known as Femergy. During project development stage we have experienced considerable interest and received tremendous community support and lots of positive feedback. However, our PreICO faced technical issues and had to be stopped. In the end, we have decided to reschedule PreICO and work even harder to make this project successful despite some unforeseen circumstances.

Discussions with the community, careful homework and hard work helped Moms Avenue to evolve into something even better than it was before. Learn more about how we have changed:

  • More robust. Femergy development team is delighted to share the good news. Angel investment has been received supporting this project, and it will undoubtedly help to create a more robust Femergy business.
  • Brand name. Why Femergy? Because we need more energy in women crypto world. The solution is developed to accelerate new business ideas and invites everyone to be part of it.
  • Larger target market. The new brand will help to reach a larger target market. We want to highlight that solution is designed for all women but everyone is welcome to be part of Femergy business network supporting great ideas and new ventures.
  • More focused and inclusive solution. Our team is always listening to our community feedback and requests. Femergy solution is focused on women business network creation and businesses acceleration. Based on our users and supporters — this is the exact support their are looking for. We will provide a unique possibility to raise the necessary seed funds through reward and rating system made possible by blockchain technology.
  • Product development. We will put our effort into product development. The platform will provide business and crypto related learning and mentorship, innovative tools to grow and scale business, a marketplace for goods and service trade, and business accelerator helping to accelerate new business ideas, find partners and investors.
  • More open. More focused solution, more simplified process to attend ICO provides the possibility for everyone to be part of it.Femergy tokens will allow supporting great business ideas.

The Femergy team believes that its success will mostly be in the hands of its community, as it was so far. The community will be built based on long-term relationship and trust believing in the whole idea. Femergy is an opportunity to change lives, and it has an enormous potential to make a substantial social impact, grow the value, create a way of sharing. It provides a currency of care.

If you have any questions, we are happy to answer them in our Telegram group or via email:

Best regards,
Femergy team