It’s hilarious how there are all these guys lining up, writing responses to you essentially saying…
Michael E. Liggett

Right? It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic. Because every abusive person demonstrates that behavior right off of the bat so that their partner can see it and leave accordingly. Of course no woman has ever started a relationship with a seemingly stable and decent man only to get literally knocked to the ground the moment he thinks she’s locked in enough to take it. Because there’s no such thing as an abusive person who actively seeks out vulnerable and insecure people to specifically manipulate into passive acceptance of their control. And every person in the history of the world, who has been in an abusive relationship, entered into it voluntarily and then sought out more of them later in life — because we’re all gluttons for punishment or we’re women with a thing for ‘bad boys’.

These “We’re not all like that!” men need to read a psychology text book some time. They are literally staring at thousands of years of documented human history, sticking their fingers in their ears and saying, “I’m not listening!” But then again, they somehow manage to ignore every single time the female author of such a piece says, “Yes, we know our examples do not reflect the entire gender,” so perhaps there’s a neurological problem that makes it impossible for them to absorb certain written words.

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