Make or Break PANCAKE

With a twist on the old pancake for breakfast, we will make some delicious pancakes, using some healthy and nutritional ingredients, from scratch.

Ingredients list:

  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Rolled oats (organic)
  • Buckwheat hulled (organic)
  • Chia seeds (flax seeds instead for a nutty flavor)
  • 6 eggs
  • Clean and fresh water


In a small saucepan, heat the coconut oil. You can also use ghee. We will post a recipe for making ghee later. Then put aside to use later.

Using a coffee grinder or similar, grind up a ratio of two cups of oats, two cups of buckwheat and half a cup of chia seeds.


In a bowl, mix the flour and water. Crack eggs first in a separate bowl to ensure they are fresh. Add to the mix. Add water making sure the consistency is not running and not too thick, similar to that of a flour pancake.


Heat the oil, ensuring excess is removed. Add a half of a ladle of the mixture. It is ready to flip over when edges are turning brown.


Remove from heat and serve with your favorite topping.


  • Taste like wholemeal but yum!!
  • Like hippy food from Byron Bay.
  • Nice texture. Close to normal but healthier.
  • Like an oat pancake but surprisingly enjoyable.
  • Good base but needs more flavor - Would be nice to try with blueberries.


  • For leftover mixture and pancakes, add spices for a savory version.
  • Add banana into mixture and bake like a sweet alternative.

Composed and written by: Mary Dee & Donald Hampson

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