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Fenomy AMA review — June 10 2022

In recent weeks, the development team has been very busy testing the mobile part of Fenomy Blockchain . There was quite a lot of work, analytical first of all. Improvements were also required both from the Node and the mobile applications. In total, 334 devices have already participated in the testing, although we planned no more than 100. It is a very good result, that significantly speeded up the first phase of the testing.

Preliminary test results:
— Block generation is stable on 85% of devices
— Block validation is stable on 84.5% of devices
— No security issues identified
— No logical violations found
— Node stability over 99.99%

For the 3 testing weeks, participants have already earned 3192 FNM or 319200 FENOMY BEP20.

Traditional insides

New version 1.07 of the app
— Block generation mechanism fixed and improved
— History displaying issues fixed
— Operational problems in the People’s Dispatcher algorithm fixed and improved
— Many other fixes and improvements.

Soon the new version of the application will be available on Google play, and the APK will also be updated.

Reputation Server
— Reputation calculation algorithm fixed and improved
— Added 7 new parameters to reputation calculation

— On July 1, we will start the second phase of the Blockchain testing. It will be large-scale. We plan to increase the number of participants to 2000 or more.
— Due to the results collected during the first phase, we will be able to slightly expand the percentage of devices that can perform tasks in the network.
— When calculating the reward, participant reputation will be taken into account.
— The balance of BEP20 tokens on bound wallets will be taken into account.

We are making a lot of edits, improvements, additions in the web application. Also we are working on the system design, solution for telegram and the incident management center. We will post significant news as soon as the components are ready.

The near future plans

- We start working on the Chinese version of the application. Everything is ready for this. If everything goes according to plan, then in July the application will be available in Chinese.
— We continue making a universal APK that is able to work without google services with the ability to be installed on devices incompatible with google services.
— Soon we will finally approve and publish the updated roadmap and WP.
— We will also update the open marketing strategy.
— The rest of the plans correspond to the roadmap of the project.

Question about staking. When?
In our project there will be no staking in the classical sense yet. But from July 1 — the start of the second phase of Blockchain testing — Fenomy Blockchain network participants will be able to receive increased daily rewards, which will depend on the balance of all BSC bound wallets. You won’t need to transfer your tokens anywhere, they will remain in your wallet and the more tokens you have by the time the rewards are calculated (00:00 UTC), the more daily accruals you will get for completing tasks in the network. Thus, simply owning BEP20 tokens will become profitable.


There will be no AMA on June 17th. The development team needs time to finish current tasks, to stay focused and not be distracted. The next AMA will be on June 24th with a lot of news and a very significant agenda. We will launch a new Ambassadors program. We are bringing back activity at the new level. There will also be some very important announcements about online and offline events in which our project will participate. We also plan to hold competitions with awards, one — only for Blockchain testing participants. There will also be many important and interesting things.


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