Fenrir Inc. will join JAWS DAYS 2019!

Fenrir will be attending JAWS DAYS 2019 as a Lunch Supporter.
JAWS DAYS 2019 is set to be held on the 23rd of February (Sat)!

What is JAWS DAYS?

JAWS DAYS is the largest event held by the JAWS-UG (AWS User Group
- Japan) directly sponsored by Amazon Web Services Japan K.K..
This event is planned, organized and operated by members of the user group that volunteer from all over Japan.
There are also participants from abroad as well as sessions held by oversea user groups.

For details, please visit https://jawsdays2019.jaws-ug.jp/

This year, Fenrir will also be contributing as a lunch supporter, taking this opportunity to talk about how we use AWS at Fenrir during the lunch session.

What will we introduce?

Just talking about an use case doesn’t seem that interesting, so instead, one of our coolest members (Kodera) will be telling us an emotional story (or at least, that’s the plan).

It will just be a short 15 minutes talk, but I’m convinced that it will surely be entertaining to everyone.


Aside from Fenrir, I am also a personal supporter and volunteer staff at JAWS DAYS 2019.

I am very happy that Fenrir decided to become a lunch supporter this time, and I hope that Fenrir will continue participating from now on.