Level Up: Documentary Expose the Life of Gamer-Entrepreneurs

The agency Biborg produced a French documentary about the journey of three video gamers that happened in 2016. Gaming stars based in France that consist of streamers, a pro-gamer and an independent developer told their story in the short documentary, Level Up.

The film was directed by Martin Zarka, and was funded by PayPal France, an online payment service. The adventures, challenges, mishaps, and the daily lives of streamers Adrien Nougaret (Zerator) and Pierre-Alexis Bizot (Domingo), Bora Kim (League of Legends player YellOwStaR) and independent developer Khao (and creator of Piranaking, author of LastFight ) were highlighted in the documentary.

In the short documentary, the ‘professional intimacy’ of the stars were exposed. Hoping to inspire other people in the gaming scene, a group of people made the film possible. The film also aims to debunk the myths and clichés about the entrepreneurial gamers.

About 10 years ago, video gamers were not perceived well in the society. They were typically misunderstood as people who just spend and waste long hours in front of the computer, and they have no social life. But by 2016, half of the French people play video games. The gaming industry boomed and exploded, which has now become larger than television, cinema and music combined.

Now in France thousands of pro-gamers create a living out of playing games live where their fans send them money as support through PayPal. Level Up is an eye opener not only for France but for the rest of the world. It enlightens people about this existing world about gamers who look up to games as not only a form of hobby, or entertainment, but as the yellow brick road for their serious careers. Level Up tells us that there is so much more about gamers; they are more than just people who spend time eating pizza while hiding in their dark rooms killing bosses.

Check here the short documentary:

Originally published at ferasantoonreports.com