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Oct 4 · 5 min read

Unlike the last snapshot, this is a ‘calm before the storm’ snapshot as Feren OS’s new Store and new icon set update are in the works and neither of them are anywhere near ready yet.

Anyway, today, I’m proud to announce the release of Feren OS 2021.10. These releases are a regular occurence that usually occur every 4 months and provide the latest updates to Feren OS at the time of the ISO’s release right from the get-go.

Updating to Feren OS 2021.10

As always, it’s simple to update to Feren OS 2021.10. Just go into the Update Manager, hit Refresh, and install any updates that might be there. Once you’ve done that, congrats, you’re now on Feren OS 2021.10!

However, due to the keyring that verifies the Feren OS repositories expiring before July 2021 Snapshot, some users might be unable to update. If this occurs, simply follow the instructions at https://medium.com/feren-os/the-repository-keyring-expired-heres-how-to-renew-it-bd50dd874aac to fix this issue and continue updates once again.

The ‘Snapshot’ terminology has been abandoned from the version naming scheme

As one final note, as noticed above, Feren OS’s versions, formerly ‘Snapshots’, have seen a complete version naming scheme change. Whereas they used to be “Month Year Snapshot”, they will now be known via their internal version numbers: “YYYY.MM”, starting with Feren OS 2021.10. This is both a callback to the original version naming schemes for Feren OS, and a means of simplifying versioning for everyone.

Changes since July 2021 Snapshot

New wallpapers

Just like every single other version/snapshot ever made for Feren OS, there are a new set of wallpapers to choose from.
With this version comes new wallpapers from Unsplash, as is the norm, so you have new and fresh wallpapers to try and enjoy on your Feren OS device.

That being said, this version also sadly marks the beginning of a phase-out of older Feren OS wallpapers.

In this version, the following old wallpapers are no longer included:

  • The Original: 94 (the wallpaper was getting old)

The next version, in January, will also remove some more of the wallpapers, but for now if you want to keep the wallpapers, they will at least still be available, for now, via older wallpaper sets.

New splash screen

Sad news aside, now to brighten up the mood, starting with a whole new Splash Screen now debuting in this snapshot.

The Splash Screen has been completely redesigned with the end-goal to ultimately be a smooth transition screen between the login screen and the Desktop, with a future login screen planned based on the new design of…

New lock screen

That’s right, the lock screen has also seen a complete redesign, now heavily based on Feren OS design concepts for the login screen, but with the elements of KDE Plasma’s lock screen also put into this design seamlessly. Featuring a sliding media status, a new inactive screen, and more, you’re sure to enjoy locking Feren OS now.

Furthermore, the lock screen can still be customised as always, and the splash screen follows your login screen background.

Firefox in Web Browser Manager… now with a new configuration

During development of Feren OS’s upcoming Store, Ice integration has been added, and was going to support Firefox. However, due to Firefox’s many issues, including a lack of “Application Mode”, and the jankiness of the late Mark Greaves’s Firefox hack to make it feel like an “Application Mode”, this idea was scrapped, and the configuration made for Firefox in this planned support ultimately scrapped.

…until now. The once scrapped configuration for Firefox has now made its way, now repurposed and improved for normal browser usage, into Firefox in Feren OS, both via a new package called firefox-config-feren, and an update to Web Browser Manager that now pre-installs this configuration of Firefox alongside the browser itself, effective starting Feren OS 2021.10.

Enjoy Mozilla Firefox, now with:

  • Compact Mode and no titlebar by default

…all on Feren OS, via Web Browser Manager.

NOTE: The configuration is only applied to new users and users who haven’t yet started Firefox for the first time — if you’re started Firefox for the first time, you won’t get this configuration automatically (to prevent profile overwriting).

This configuration will become an optional addition in the upcoming Feren OS Store, too. In essence, you can think of this configuration as giving Firefox the Vivaldi treatment in terms of defaults (albeit mostly removing frustrations).

Other Changes

  • Human now bases off Yaru Light’s colour scheme since it’s the default variant of Yaru now in Ubuntu 21.10


Other than that, you can download it from the usual place of the Feren OS website. Enjoy Feren OS’s latest release, to ultimately close off this year!

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