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Feren OS January 2021 Snapshot — a spit and polish snapshot

Today, I’m proud to announce the release of the Feren OS January 2021 Snapshot. Snapshots are a regular occurence that usually occur every 4 months and provide the latest updates to Feren OS at the time of the ISO’s release right from the get-go.

Note: There were a few updates that didn’t get included in this snapshot as the ISO was created a few days earlier than the release and therefore missed out on those updates.

Updating to the January 2021 Snapshot

As always, it’s simple to update to the January 2021 Snapshot. Just go into the Update Manager, hit Refresh, and install any updates that might be there. Once you’ve done that, congrats, you’re now on the January 2021 Snapshot!

However, a bug with APT did affect some users when doing the updates from Plasma 5.19 to Plasma 5.20. If you’re affected, check this article for a means of fixing the issue.

Changes since November 2020 Snapshot

New Wallpapers

Just like every single other Snapshot ever made for Feren OS, there are a new set of wallpapers to choose from.
With this snapshot comes the ordinary amount of Unsplash wallpapers that snapshots usually contain in their wallpaper sets, with a dynamic range of wallpapers to take advantage of both Feren OS’s default look and feel.

Plasma 5.20

Plasma 5.20 finally makes its debut in this snapshot of Feren OS, after being delayed from entering Feren OS due to issues with theming and external factors getting in the way of a quicker debut in the previous snapshot. The extra time it took to put Plasma 5.20 into Feren OS was taken to make a bunch of improvements to the overall user experience of Feren OS’s Plasma in 5.20, of which will be listed below.

Hardware Enablement was enabled

This snapshot also comes with the upstream Hardware Enablement Stack pre-enabled, meaning that Feren OS now sports Linux Kernel version 5.8. Furthermore, existing users of Feren OS November 2020 Snapshot or later should also find that Linux Kernel 5.8 is now either present on their systems or is present in the Update Manager as an update to their Feren OS installations.

Web Browser Manager changes

Some changes were made to the Web Browser Manager in this snapshot, too. Chromium now installs Linux Mint’s Chromium as a temporary change due to the version it installed prior (Debian’s) being reportedly highly vulnerable to exploitation (source: Debian’s security tracker). Finally, Firefox was tweaked to now be as Mozilla intended Firefox to be on Linux when installed from there.

Theme Colouriser changes

Feedback with the Theme Colouriser was also addressed in this snapshot, resulting in a revamp to how Theme Colourisations are created and applied.

  • Global Themes for Theme Colourisations are no more — use System Settings -> Desktop -> Colours to apply Theme Colourisations
  • When making Theme Colourisations, instead of being provided the option it’ll now automatically generate both light and dark variants of your desired theme colouring

Usability Tweaks

  • When blur is disabled (or can’t be used), Feren OS’s Application Style’s menus will now always be opaque to improve readability
  • The Feren OS Desktop was cleaned up to remove some redundant Desktop Icons — the goal is to make it empty soon (except maybe with Trash as a default icon) but I want to redo the Send Feedback shortcut before then


  • Colour Scheme changing changes through Tour now apply immediately to GTK+ applications (using an added workaround)
  • Global Themes now immediately refresh the colours of GTK+ applications when applied (using an added workaround)
  • Fixed an issue where after the Plasma 5.20 update the left sidebar of Dolphin, the Open File dialog and Save File dialog it’d display malformed pre-config sidebar items on new user accounts
  • Fixed an issue where after the Plasma 5.20 update entering OEM Config would result in a black screen softlock
  • Redrew the higher resolution version of the Plasma Style’s Battery icon to look better in the new Plasma 5.20 System Tray and everywhere else it is used in
  • (upstream, but worth noting) There’s no longer a second credentials prompt when entering your Wireless Network credentials
  • The ISO was redone from scratch to reduce some of the bloat, in packages form, that was in Feren OS November 2020 Snapshot


In conclusion, it’s mainly just a spit-and-polish snapshot. Go and check the January 2021 Snapshot out and have fun with it!

You can download Feren OS at https://ferenos.weebly.com/get-feren-os.

To do: Update Feren OS Classic ISOs.




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