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Happy 7th birthday, Feren OS!

7 years of Feren OS, with the history of Feren OS behind it in screenshots form

On the 29th July 2015, a new Operating System was born, based off of Ubuntu and featuring a Cinnamon Desktop customisation that, to my knowledge, was one of a kind at the time.

…but you already know that, if you’ve read through past Feren OS birthday announcements. So, to not bore everyone with another rehash of Feren OS’s history up until this point, let’s get to the point:

Feren OS is officially 7 years old!

I can’t believe it either, it feels like time has flown by since the 5th birthday, and while I don’t have anything exciting to release, except for a new Feren OS version either today or the coming days, I’m happy to say we’re now 7 years strong.

So, given I don’t have anything else to announce, at least yet (by the time you’re reading this, this statement might have aged poorly as a new release occurred), let me take this time to remind everyone of what to look forward to in the somewhat near future:

Feren OS 2022.07

Depending on how fast the remaining bugs, that need sorting before Feren OS 2022.07 can release, are fixed, this will either release today or in the coming days. Nothing much is different in this release, outside of the changes already mentioned in the KDE Plasma 5.25 announcement, updates to Feren OS’s optional Firefox preconfiguration, and important bug fixes to Feren OS’s Vivaldi configuration.

Ubuntu 22.04 based Feren OS

Since Ubuntu 22.04 released, a new Ubuntu base powering Feren OS is now inevitable. It’s currently on the backburner, for reasons I will mention below, but if plans go well Feren OS may become based on Ubuntu 22.04 in October this year (no promises, though), with a Major Update path coming shortly after that.

  • Even though Mozilla made Canonical make Firefox a Snap in Ubuntu, as per their distribution agreement, Feren OS will still migrate users to the Firefox Flatpak as it’s also officially endorsed by Mozilla and is what Feren OS’s optional bonuses for Firefox are built around
  • This is not a new change — the current latest Feren OS Major Update already transitions users to Firefox Flatpak to give them a better experience that does not suffer from as many serious usability issues like this

The new Feren OS Store

Feren OS’s Store is getting a rewrite from scratch soon that completely revamps the Store, as well as adding functionality that is currently split into other applications, to allow the Store to be one single program for all of the program and driver management functionality you need.

Due to the severe amount of changes this will bring, the current plan is to complete Store’s rewrite, and debut the update as part of Feren OS 2022.10, alongside the new base and all the other updates that will come with that new Ubuntu base.

However, if the Store is not of a good enough quality by October, the release will very likely get delayed until Store is complete. Additionally, due to the severe amount of changes this will bring, the major update path will need extra time in the oven before it can be released to existing Feren OS users, after the release of what is currently planned to be Feren OS 2022.10.

Ultimately, this means that if everything goes to plan, 2022.07 will be the final ‘calm before the storm’ release of Feren OS. 🤞


Like I said during Feren OS’s 5th birthday… let’s aim for 10 years strong, and onwards, shall we? Hopefully we’re now at the final few months before Feren OS gets its upcoming big release, but only time shall tell — either way, I hope you all are looking forward to the big release as much as I am.

Thank you for using Feren OS throughout all these years. Keep enjoying Feren OS!



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