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Introducing a radical new look for the Feren OS Desktop Layout

Today, I’m proud to announce a new Desktop Layout redesign for Feren OS that is designed to bring Feren OS into today’s modern age of visual aesthetics.

With this new layout, we have taken into consideration every detail about today’s technology, such as screen sizes, screen features, and the general design philosophies of today’s world.

Therefore, without any further ado, here is a taste of the new look for Feren OS going forward:

Status Notch, now better than ever

We heard you really like the Status Notch, so we’ve improved it. The Status Notch now houses all of your system tray icons on top of the clock and notifications it was already housing, meaning it’s now easier than ever to group up all of your statuses.

Introducing the Tasks Notch, now putting you at the center of what you do

Additionally, we have decided to, for the first time ever, add courage to our layout’s design principles, by putting your tasks and application launcher at the center of your screen.

This revolutionary change means that you now have everything you need to see right at the center of your screen, allowing Feren OS to be future-proofed for its widescreen user audience.

Improved for touch usage

On top of all this, this layout update makes the Status Notch 8 pixels larger than it used to be, allowing touch screen users to more easily touch the buttons in the Status Notch than before. This change in particular is inspired by a certain browser and its “Proton” redesign of late.

We heard you, desktop users, so we increased the screen space

Finally, we heard your concerns from that aforementioned redesign about losing your screen space to the thicker UI elements, so we have maximised the screen space windows have in this Desktop Layout to be your whole screen.

However, since this would mean you can’t see your statuses without having to reveal the individual notches, we, Feren OS Team, have made the decision to save you this frustration by making the notches always visible. After all, we all know notches cannot be hidden, so this interface improvement also adds to Feren OS’s overall design consistency.

We’re sure you’ll appreciate this when you need to browse the internet or write an essay, for instance, since you can now get more document and website out of your screens with this redesign.

Get more website out your screen space
See more of any of your documents, essays, code and more without scrolling

Looks great with themes

Finally, this revolutionary layout is also great with any theme made for KDE Plasma, here are some great examples:

Different themes on the new layout

Also introducing an official backport of the all-new KNotch

Finally, please don’t tell KDE about this, but we found out about a new Plasmoid being worked on in the work-in-progress Plasma 6 repositories over on KDE Invent called “KNotch”, so as part of this announcement, we’re also proud to announce that we are working on an official KDE Plasma 5 backport of the KNotch Plasmoid, exclusively for Feren OS.

Once the KNotch makes its way into Feren OS in the upcoming KDE Plasma 5.25.2 update, this layout redesign will also be adding a KNotch to the Status Notch by default to allow Feren OS to catch up with the latest in computer screen design.

KNotch in Feren OS with Plasma 5.25.1 (work in progress)

When will this update be available?

You can expect this revolutionary update to Feren OS that will change the face of interface design forever… to never come. Check the date that this was posted, people, it’s April 1st 2022.

Happy April Fools everyone, and… no, we’re NOT gonna add any more notches to Feren OS, period, nor are we going to make Feren OS thicker for desktop users than it already is, because we actually respect your viewing space on your computer screens.

That being said, there are plenty of updates coming in the future in Feren OS to look forward to, such as a serious theme and icon set redesign coming soon, the new Store coming soon, and plenty of other changes on the horizon too.

Shout-outs to the KDE Promo team for coming up with the notch joke idea for KDE’s April Fools 2022 campaign, as that is what inspired me to do this related April Fools 2022 campaign for Feren OS, given the “Status Notch” existing in Feren OS, and shout-outs to niccolove for the KNotch Plasmoid — you can find a video of the Plasmoid in action on his YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/Ig8HHo-g0RA

All that being said, happy April Fools 2022, everyone! I’ll see everyone in the near future for more serious Feren OS announcements and Feren OS news.



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