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It’s the 5th Birthday of Feren OS! (and Feren OS July 2020 Snapshot is now available!)

On the 29th July 2015, a new Operating System was born, based off of Ubuntu and featuring a Cinnamon Desktop customisation that, to my knowledge, was one of a kind at the time.

Nowadays, that version of Feren OS is known as 2015.X “The Original” Beta (it had no codename, so “The Original” has since been substituted for being its ‘codename’), but that release was the start of many things to come.

2015.X was a mess, I won’t lie. The rest of 2015, and a bit of 2016, was spent resolving 2015.X’s issues, eventually culminating in Feren OS 2016.1. After that, 2016.2 took what 2016.1 became and gradually improved the icon set for it, among a few other things. Then two updates came out for 2016.2, ultimately ending with 2016.2 Update 2, the most common ‘earliest’ Feren OS that early fans got to try when they found out about Feren OS.

By then, a lot of staples for Feren OS Classic were already established on the customisation front-end — Themer had most of its functionality now, Web Browser Manager was brought into Feren OS with slight modifications, and the theme selection was starting to become the selection of themes in Store -> Customisation -> Themes in Feren OS Classic that you see today.

Then true hell started to break loose for me and my family, and the ultimate test began. I lost an internet friend, then lost my dad, then Debian lost Ian Murdock. Ultimately I pressed on. More changes came to Feren OS across the board over time, leading to the Feren OS Classic we all know today.

Then, in 2019, Feren OS jumped ship to KDE Plasma, a decision I have little to no regrets of doing, and has taken strides to improve itself, and even Plasma too, over 2019 and 2020.

Ultimately, that leads to today. It’s finally the day. After further hell with losing another internet friend, resulting in another distribution temporarily having its future questioned, and losing a cat who was older than me, I can finally announce…

Feren OS is officially 5 years old!

That’s right, folks, Feren OS is 5 years strong now. I can’t believe it either — it barely feels like that much time passed since the initial release in 2015.

That being said, what would I be doing without at least holding a form of celebration for this momentous occasion?

To celebrate the 5th birthday of Feren OS, a bunch of items have been released to the public, which can be found on the ‘5 Years of Feren OS’ page of the Feren OS website at https://ferenos.weebly.com/5-years-of-feren-os.

Feren OS July 2020 Snapshot is now available!

Finally, I’m happy to announce the official release of the Feren OS July 2020 Snapshot and Feren OS Classic July 2020 Snapshot. This snapshot brings the following changes:

All new Feren Maintenance

Originally intended to debut in the first ever 20.04-based Feren OS Snapshot, Feren Maintenance has seen a complete re-do, now serving as a hub for identifying some extra core tasks to do to finish setting up your Feren OS device, getting information about your machine, seeing logged crash reports and more. It’s also now called “System Maintenance”.

All new backgrounds

Obviously another snapshot also means a new background set in Feren OS. This background set brings more original backgrounds to Feren OS, however this release trims down the existing wallpaper selection further.

New designs for Store, Update Manager, and more

New designs have also been introduced in most of the Feren OS and Mint applications, including Store, Update Manager, Transfer Tool and Languages. These designs are relatively minor updates over the others, and generally improve design consistency between the Feren OS applications.

Update Manager got the biggest of all the redesigns

Plasma 5.19 and more

Finally, Feren OS has received the latest version of Plasma to date, 5.19.3, which brings with it a bout of major improvements to both design and the desktop’s backend.

On top of this, Feren OS’s default layout now sports a centered task manager by default, and Feren OS’s Plasma Styles now support the new headers and footers design addition in select Plasma Widgets.

Finally, Feren OS now sports all of the latest updates made available to it since the release of the previous snapshot.

You can download Feren OS July 2020 Snapshot from the Get Feren OS page of the Feren OS website as always. https://ferenos.weebly.com/get-feren-os


Overall, Feren OS has been going strong for all of this time, so… let’s try and make it 10 years strong, eh? Alright, The Feren OS Developer’s out. I hope you keep enjoying Feren OS just as much as Feren OS’s users currently are on a day by day basis!



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