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KDE Plasma 5.20 is finally available for Feren OS!

I’m proud to announce that KDE Plasma 5.20.4 has just landed in Feren OS’s latest release, now available from Update Manager!

You can see what the changes to KDE Plasma upstream are at https://kde.org/announcements/plasma-5.20.0/

Feren OS specific changes

KDE Plasma 5.20 being so late to arrive in Feren OS has also given me an excuse to make some important changes to coincide with this Plasma version’s Feren OS debut.

Bug fixes

  • A workaround has been implemented for the upstream bug where applying colour schemes outside of System Settings -> Colours does not automatically recolor GTK+ applications. Therefore, they will now automatically be recolored when changing the colour scheme via Global Theme and Tour as well.
  • You can now launch the configuration windows for the available Window Decorations in System Settings -> Desktop -> Advanced Settings -> Window Decorations


  • Tour no longer mentions needing to restart applications since the GTK+ bug has been worked around (you no longer need to restart GTK+ applications for the colour changes to take effect)
  • The bigger Battery icon in the System Tray overview and ‘Battery and Brightness’ widget has been remade and no longer looks blurry

Other Notes

  • Due to how buggy the new Users settings page is in KDE Plasma 5.20, Feren OS has replaced it with a patched version of the ‘User Manager’ settings page instead for now

What about pre-November-2020 Snapshot?

Due to the availability of Feren OS November 2020 Snapshot, there’s no plans to backport this release to the older Feren OS.

The path for users of the older Feren OS, to convert their Feren OS install into the newest version of Feren OS without needing to reinstall the whole OS, is being worked on and is available in testing form for any testers who want to test it out early, so hold on for now, on the current Feren OS version you have installed, for the path’s completion, unless you want to reinstall Feren OS.




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