The Law of Attraction Only Works When You Don’t Need It

I was in a live conversation today on a podcast show where we were talking about setting intentions for the new year. The show seemed to go a little off-track, and some yelling happened (including from me). Check the link at the end of this article to watch it. Afterward, I did a Facebook live stream about my confusion related to visioning and no-self; that’s also at the end of this article, in case you’re interested in taking a look.

I seem to get triggered when something gets presented as its exact opposite, and also when what I’m trying to express gets misrepresented. So, in the first video, you’ll see me getting triggered and expressing some rage. At one point, if I remember correctly, Keith is yelling at me and I’m matching his rage while encouraging him to, “bring it. Let’s see that wild, untethered feminine!”

Anyway, the point of this article is to address visioning and goal setting. I’ve studied Abraham-Hicks a lot, and I highly recommend their approach. I’ve read many of their books, and I’ve practiced setting intentions and visioning desired outcomes as if they are currently occurring. I have also written several articles in this vein (links at the end).

After practicing this stuff, some crazy things have happened to me. For example, I set an income goal for eight months in the future while having no idea how I would attain such a lofty goal. Then the goal was suddenly and unexpectedly attained. Finally, I realized that the goal had already been massively surpassed before I even set the goal. If that doesn’t suggest that there is no control, I don’t know what does. Did the goal get met because of the intention or did the intention get set because of the goal?

More recently, I’ve been wondering how to mesh this approach with the ongoing realization that there is no free-will and choice, no separate self, and no meaning and purpose. I have come to recognize that what Abraham-Hicks refers to as accepting the gift of what is happening (I think that’s how they put it) is exactly what I have been working on.

If you believe that you can envision a future that you are choosing and that you have the power to manifest it, then you have to believe that what is happening right now was also manifested by you. If you reject any part of what is happening, you are essentially denying your own creative power. “Nah, I didn’t ask for that!” you say.

Now the paradox is that when what appears to be happening right now is recognized to be whole and complete, and effortlessly and spontaneously arising, it is also seen to be absolutely fulfilling. Then, since there is no rejection of any element of what is being chosen for the supposed future, it can and will manifest unfettered.

So the paradox is that to have the power to choose exactly what will manifest there has to be perfect contentment with what is, and that only happens when what appears to be happening is seen to be completely impersonal, not happening for anyone.

This is the reason that instead of focusing on what I think I want in the future, I am fully engaged with noticing and experiencing what seems to be happening right now, without it being about anyone. The more this present moment is allowed to be as it is, the more power there is to control the future.

And yet, ultimately, what is appearing is always absolutely free and whole whether I thought it was “me” choosing it or not. It’s what has been chosen being delivered (to nobody) spontaneously and in complete perfection. Whether this is recognized or not is irrelevant. Whether it is recognized or not is also part of the perfection.

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