Big Hiring Announcement and Marketing Strategy

Dear Ferrum Network Community,

Quick update here. Some of you may have noticed reference to our Head of Marketing, Dominik Martin Świerkot, in the Ferrum Network Telegram chat. We are proud to officially announce the hiring of Dominik as Ferrum Network’s new Head of Marketing! It has been a real pleasure to work with Dom the past few weeks, and by utilizing his strategies, we have already made great strides in our community growth. We can’t wait to see where he takes things over these next months and years.

Dominik has an impeccable resume having built organic communities for three other projects before bringing his talents to Ferrum Network. If you want to connect or have any questions for Dom, please feel free to reach out to him on Telegram and Twitter: @domscrypto or connect on Linked In :

Ferrum Network’s Commitment to Organic Community Growth

Dom’s hiring was not just a good business decision, it reflects one of Ferrum Network’s core values — our commitment to organic community growth. During the ICO hype machine, it was common for projects to pay for a bunch of hype marketing, fake reviews on ICO reviewing sites, grab a bunch of non-committed “community members” with gimmicky airdrops, and engage in any other number of strategies designed for short term gain, but actually hurt long term success.

Ferrum Network is doing things differently. We believe that long term success requires a real community, comprised of those believe in the project’s long term vision, want to use its products, and want to tell their friends about Ferrum. Organic community growth takes hard work. There are no shortcuts.

Using a unique combination of Twitter engagement, content creation, product demos, partnership announcements, frequent community engagement, and other bespoke strategies, we are committed to growing a completely organic community, and never paying for hype marketing that brings no long term value.

Update on Whitelist and Crowdsale

Of course, we also recognize that building a great community means allowing our community members to share in the success of Ferrum Network. For this reason, we will soon be re-opening the whitelist for a limited time. Please stay tuned for an announcement on when the whitelist will be re-opened and for how long.

Similarly, we are making plans to increase the amount we will raise in a crowd sale. The price of the token will not change, nor will the amount raised, but we are formulating strategies to incentivize greater crowd participation, and we think the community will be really excited to see what we are coming come up with. Please stay tuned for more details on the crowd sale to be announced over the coming weeks.

What’s Next For Ferrum Network

In the next weeks, Ferrum’ CEO and Lead Developer Naiem will be speaking at a conference on the subject of interoperability and cross-chain exchange. We will be doing more AMAs with some major influencers, and will start appearing on some ICO spreadsheets.

Please stay tuned to the community chat for all announcements and updates, and never hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or want to see how you can get involved with Ferrum Network.

Finally, thank you all for your attention and for your support. Until next time.

Very truly yours,