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Blockchain & Crypto Week In Review, Issue #6 (10.02.19)

Welcome to our Ferrum Network media digest. Here we will provide you with regular updates on developments from the blockchain & cryptocurrency sphere.

Here is a rundown of the last week, but first a quick note from our COO:

Even in this bear market we are seeing great companies building great products, and pushing the industry forward. Abra is a prime example of a crypto company that is focused on real-world applications.

The announcement that Abra users will soon be able to buy fractional amounts of shares and ETFs is big news. Ferrum Network is also focused on the real-world benefits of digital assets. For instance, our fiat gateway and mobile payments app will allow users in Nigeria to buy/sell a U.S. Dollar backed stable coin, and send fiat currency peer-to-peer, thereby solving real problems for milions of people. If every crypto company focuses on solving real problems with this new technology, everyday will bring us closer to the digital asset revolution we all believe in.

Till next week, -Ian

Trending this week:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Still Believes Bitcoin Will Be Internet’s Currency: Co-founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey declared again that he believes Bitcoin will be the internet’s native currency. Dorsey made his comments during an interview with American comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan published on Feb. 2. During the interview, Dorsey stated: “[Bitcoin] was something that was born on the internet, that was developed on the internet, that was tested on the internet…It is of the internet.” Read more.

Abra’s Blockchain App to Let Users Invest in Fractions of Stocks, ETFs: U.S.-based crypto startup Abra is adding a new feature to its blockchain-based app that will allow global users to buy portions of traditional investment instruments. Abra said the app will utilize the bitcoin blockchain and smart contracts technologies to support fractional investments in stocks, exchange-traded funds. The app already offers investment in 50 fiat currencies and over 30 cryptocurrencies. “Just as consumers can own a fraction of a bitcoin, they can soon use Abra to own fractions of high-priced stocks and ETFs,” the firm said. Read more.

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Says the Only Crypto He’s Holding Is Bitcoin: Twitter Inc.’s CEO Jack Dorsey took to the social network Tuesday evening to tell the world his crypto picks when a user asked him which coins and tokens he was holding. “I only have bitcoin,” he said. Read more.

Why Google Data Scientists Are Interested in Ethereum Classic: Google’s big-data analytics platform, BigQuery, just quietly added support for Ethereum Classic blockchain searches along with a range of other cryptocurrency networks. This effort will make it easier for technologists to search the blockchain for specific pieces of data. This move is just one out of many the ETC community is pushing forward this winter to try to boost the niche cryptocurrency’s role in the broader marketplace. Read more.

Venezuela: New Crypto Legal Framework Comes Into Force: Venezuela’s new crypto bill, which establishes а legal framework for the industry. The decree was published in the government’s official media outlet, Gaceta Oficial. The set of rules for miners, crypto entrepreneurs and regular traders was initially approved by Constituent National Assembly — an alternative to the country’s Parliament, created in 2017 — in November, 2018. Read more.

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