Ferrum and bRing Finance Form Strategic Partnership

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Ferrum and bRing Finance Form Strategic Partnership

What is bRing Finance?

bRing is a decentralized cross-chain platform, enabling the farming of multiple tokens via staking of a single coin. Their staking solution will offer cross-platform-generated yields, with a sole requirement to stake a single project’s token.

Their innovative referral system is another unique feature their experienced team of blockchain developers bRings to the table. It incentivizes the community to invite other participants to the established pools, rewarding those they refer and themselves with higher yields. In addition, the imbedded gamification feature incentivizes the participants to stay for the entire duration of farming, since they will largely benefit from the accumulated rewards.

What does this partnership entail?

Ferrum to join a BSC Ring

As many of you know, Ferrum has plans to launch a BSC version of FRM in the near future. In order to facilitate in the adoption of this latest version of FRM, Ferrum will be joining one of bRing Finance’s multi asset staking Rings on Binance Smart Chain! At that time you will be able to bridge your FRM to BSC using the Ferrum Cross Chain Token Bridge.

Referral Agreement

Both of these incredible companies are heavily reliant on collaboration with other projects in the crypto space. bRing benefits greatly from projects choosing to utilize their multi-asset staking services and Ferrum benefits from projects who choose to integrate their products and services such as Staking as a Service, Anti Bot Fair Launch Technology, and the latest Ferrum Cross Chain Token Bridge.

Therefore, Ferrum and bRing have formed an agreement that will incentivize each company to refer projects from their large ecosystems to each other to utilize each other’s products and services. We feel that both parties will benefit greatly from this deal flow based partnership in the form of generating revenue. This revenue will then be put to work in order to help scale each of their respective teams and grow their influence in the market!

bRing Finance Links

Twitter: twitter.com/BringFinance

Medium: medium.com/@BringFinance

Telegram: t.me/bRing_channel and t.me/bRing_community

Website: https://bring.finance/

Ferrum Network Social Media

Ferrum Website: https://ferrum.network/

Telegram: https://t.me/ferrum_network

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FerrumNetwork

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ferrumnetwork

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN658dMRTaH4C4dP32VHi6Q



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