Ferrum and GAINS Form Strategic Partnership — GAINS Joins the Iron Alliance

Ferrum Advisory Services gains another quality incubation partner and lead generator in GAINS.

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Ferrum and GAINS Form Strategic Partnership — GAINS Joins the Iron Alliance

About Gains

GAINS is the World’s First Decentralized VC. With a 4-year track record that includes investing in the private sales of projects like Quant Network, Avalanche, Reef, Bloktopia and many more, GAINS is removing the barriers of entry to investing and brings the best opportunities in the world to anyone.What does this partnership entail?

FAS Gains Another Top-Notch Incubation Partner
The main objective of this partnership is multifaceted. One, to provide FAS projects with yet another top-notch avenue to receive incubation services. It has been our experience, that projects who choose to launch via multiple launchpads/incubators tend to perform better and typically end up with a more diverse and engaged community.

Lead Generation for Products and Services
The other objective is to help the projects that GAINS launches by providing them with our white label products. A large amount of Ferrum’s clientele are, in fact, early-stage projects, so having yet another lead-generating partner is of great value to us.

Ferrum has been an unofficial long term partner of GAINS and it was time to make it official. They’re pushing innovation on all fronts with bridges, staking, incubations, investments and more! They have an incredible network and a real expertise. At GAINS, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be working in a closer capacity with Ferrum to bring more value to everyone that follows us both.

Alexandre Raffin — CEO of GAINS Associates

GAINS Joins the Iron Alliance
With this partnership, GAINS will become the latest member of the Iron Alliance. Ripe with early-stage VC partners, we hope to facilitate the launch of many other projects outside of FAS via GAINS platform. There is a multitude of other projects who we hope will add value to GAINS, because we know well that GAINS will add an immense amount of value to the Alliance!

“I’ve known Alex and his team for some time now. They’ve been early supporters of Ferrum but until now we haven’t developed a procedure to establish a mutually beneficial partnership with them. With the rapid growth that both of our ecosystems are experiencing, it seemed like the perfect time to assist each other in sharing incubation services. GAINS has a real knack for picking winners and we’re thrilled to be working with them.”

Ian Friend — Co-Founder and COO at Ferrum Network

In Closing…

We are excited to embark on this journey with one of the other top incubators in the space. We believe that both projects will prove to be tremendous assets for each other.

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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