Ferrum and PolyDoge Form Strategic Partnership

Ferrum Network forms a multi-faceted partnership with one of the most vibrant communities on the Polygon Network.

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2 min readJul 14, 2021


Ferrum Continues to Push L2 Adoption

Recently, Ferrum has made a big splash in their efforts toward helping the adoption of more scalable blockchains such as Polygon. This is evidenced by the launch of their latest product, the Ferrum Network Cross Chain Token Bridge and adding liquidity to the Dfyn DEX just to name a couple things.

Now, Ferrum Network is proud to announce that they are partnering with PolyDoge! PolyDoge is a digital currency with one of the most vibrant communities on the powerful Polygon Network. It offers a wide variety of fun interaction to its holders in the form of NFTs, apps, airdrops and access to different DeFi platforms ready to use on Polygon.

What will the Partnership Entail?

Given the multitude of verticals that both Ferrum and PolyDoge tackle, the potential for exciting integrations and initiatives is truly endless. Some of the items that have been discussed and will continue to be solidified and announced over the coming weeks are special PolyDoge NFT releases to promote certain Ferrum products, AMAs and interviews between members of both teams, referral structure where PolyDoge will be introducing projects within the Polygon ecosystem to Ferrum’s product catalogue, and virtual conferences with PolyDoge through Gamerjibe, a next-gen events platform that creates interactive and immersive event experiences.

Ferrum to Sponsor Olympics Watch Party on Gamerjibe

Thanks to PolyDoge, Ferrum Network has been granted the opportunity to sponsor the Virtual Watch Party and Expo for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in Gamerjibe from July 23rd through August 8th. Ferrum will have their own booth where they will be able to demo products, sell virtual merch, answer questions from the community via AMAs and presentations, and network with other potential partners. The group of projects within the Polygon ecosystem that will be hosting alongside Ferrum is quite impressive. Entry to the conference is free and open to everyone!

Polydoge Useful Links

Website: PolyDoge.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PolyDoge

Telegram: https://t.me/polydoge

Medium: https://polydoge.medium.com/

PolyDoge Smart Contract on Polygon: https://explorer-mainnet.maticvigil.com/address/0x8A953CfE442c5E8855cc6c61b1293FA648BAE472/contracts

Ferrum Network Social Media

Ferrum Website: https://ferrum.network/

Telegram: http://telegram.ferrum.network

Twitter: http://twitter.ferrum.network

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ferrumnetwork

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN658dMRTaH4C4dP32VHi6Q



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