Ferrum and Request Form Strategic Partnership — Request Joins the Iron Alliance

Ferrum has formed a strategic partnership with Request Finance; the leading app for crypto invoicing & payment requests!

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About Request Finance

Request Finance is a suite of financial apps helping companies, DAOs, and freelancers easily manage and track their crypto invoices, payroll, expenses, and other payment requests in a compliant, professional, and secured way. Send and receive payments in 60+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, 10+ fiat currencies, and 10+ blockchains. Payments can be settled in cryptocurrency while denominated in fiat like USD or EUR. Track, verify, and organize all their payment requests in one dashboard.

What does this partnership entail?

Invoices are key to keeping records of where our crypto assets come, and go. They are also essential in helping our partners, clients, and vendors get paid on time.

In our search for the best and most efficient invoicing process, we are moving our crypto payments to the Request Finance platform. This service will be used for FRM and stablecoin payments.

Request Finance enables partners, clients, and vendors to access all of their invoices in one place. They will also be able to bill their invoice, receive payment and check the processing status of invoices automatically — without needing to send chaser emails.

Payment Requests to be Processed Using Request

  • Employee Payroll
  • Advisory Tokens from FAS Incubated Projects
  • Staking Clients
  • Token Bridge Clients
  • Grants

Why is this Partnership beneficial to Ferrum?

At Ferrum, we typically seek partnerships that encourage token utility, growth, and revenue. This partnership allows us the opportunity to tackle all three of these.

Token Utility — By allowing projects to pay for our products and services in FRM, we are enhancing the utility of the FRM token as a means of payment.

Growth — With Request, we can create, send, and pay hundreds of invoices in just a few clicks. By streamlining our invoicing processes, this will free up an immense amount of time from team members who were spending countless hours on a much more manual approach. These team members’ time can now be reallocated towards achieving Ferrum’s goals for 2022!

Revenue — Overall, this new system should indirectly increase revenue. For the same reason that this partnership will encourage growth, it will also encourage revenue by freeing up valuable team time and streamlining the way we account for revenue.

“The Ferrum Team is thrilled to work with Request to integrate its industry-leading invoicing product into our suite of tools. Request’s invoicing product enables our team to issue invoices in our token, FRM, or other cryptocurrencies, tremendously expanding our reach to our project partners, KOLs, and community.

Ferrum’s mission to break down barriers to mass adoption is a core value we share with the team at Request, and we look forward to being part of the future of money.”

— Nichell Logue, EVP of Operations at Ferrum Network

Why is this Partnership beneficial to Request?

With over $175 million in crypto invoices processed since 2021, Request Finance is on a mission to become the leading Web 3.0 payments processing platform.

To achieve this, the team at Request are constantly looking to work with project teams like Ferrum and their ecosystem of users and developers to easily, and securely manage their finance operations in crypto.

“As salaries, bounties, grants, and other business payments are being settled in crypto, project teams need a clean, and hassle-free tool to view and manage their crypto payments. We are eager to be able to work with rapidly growing projects like Ferrum to simplify crypto invoicing for their team and community”

— Christophe Fonteneau, Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Request

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