Ferrum and UniFarm Form Strategic Partnership

Upon the recent success of the first ever UniFarm Cohort on Polygon, Ferrum and UniFarm have decided to dive a bit deeper and formalize an even stronger relationship!

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2 min readJul 15, 2021


Ferrum and UniFarm Form Strategic Partnership

Where it started…

Ferrum Network recently became one of the projects to join the first ever UniFarm Cohort to take place on the Polygon network. This was a super exciting endeavor as it marked the first multi-asset staking solution that Ferrum has been a part of and was one of the first utilities for the FRM token on Polygon.

UniFarm Cohort 13 is still open!

If you have yet to stake your Matic version of FRM in the UniFarm Cohort 13, make sure to check out this article and earn ridiculous APY of over 84% with rewards in the following tokens: $ELK, $FRM, $EZ, $BLZ, $RAZE, $UFARM

You can bridge your FRM to Matic using the Ferrum Cross Chain Token Bridge! For more info on how to use it, check out this tutorial video. Or for more general info about the bridge itself, here’s a fantastic comprehensive overview.

Taking the Next Step

Due to the recent success and the seamlessness in which the Ferrum and UniFarm teams worked together, both teams are excited to announce that they have decided to construct a more formal partnership!

What does this partnership entail?

The nature of both of these phenomenal companies relies heavily on collaboration with other projects in the crypto space. UniFarm benefits greatly from projects choosing to utilize their multi-asset staking cohorts while Ferrum benefits from projects who choose to integrate their products and services such as Staking as a Service, Anti Bot Fair Launch Technology, and the latest Ferrum Cross Chain Token Bridge.

Therefore, Ferrum and UniFarm have formed an agreement that will incentivize each company to refer projects from their large ecosystems to each other’s to utilize each other’s products and services. We feel that both parties will benefit greatly from this deal flow based partnership in the form of generating revenue. This revenue will then be put to work in order to help scale each of their respective teams and grow their influence in the market!

Ferrum Network Social Media

Ferrum Website: https://ferrum.network/

Telegram: http://telegram.ferrum.network

Twitter: http://twitter.ferrum.network

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@ferrumnetwork

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN658dMRTaH4C4dP32VHi6Q

UniFarm Social Media

UniFarm Website: http://unifarm.co/

Telegram: https://t.me/unifarm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unifarm_



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