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Ferrum & Crystl Finance Form Strategic Partnership — Crystl Finance Joins the Iron Alliance + Staking & Farming Pools

Ferrum continues to find ways to add cross-chain utility to the FRM & FRMx tokens. This time through the latest addition to the Iron Alliance — Crystl Finance!

Ferrum & Crystl Finance Form Strategic Partnership — Crystl Finance Joins the Iron Alliance + Staking & Farming Pools

About Crystl Finance

Crystl.Finance is a platform that provides users the means to explore DeFi and earn a passive income with high interest rate Pools (yield farms) and auto-compounding Vaults (yield optimizers).

Easily stake CRYSTL, the share token of Crystl Finance on their dividend Pools to earn from a huge variety of tokens without risking your principal CRYSTL investment. Users may take this a step further and earn exponential interest with Crystl Vaults which auto-compound earnings while benefiting CRYSTL price through automatic buybacks and burns.

Crystl.Finance strives to be a marketing platform that helps projects to build liquidity and provide an unprecedented level of accessibility with our soon to be cross-chain bridge, powered by Ferrum Network. We aim to streamline the process for projects to launch on other networks and become the go-to platform for users to experience everything that the DeFi universe has to offer!

What does this partnership entail?

While many more details around this partnership will be announced in the coming days, let’s start with some low hanging fruit! Crystl Finance will be deploying both an incentivized LP Farm (aka a Crystl Mine) along with a single sided staking Pool! One is meant to bolster the utility of FRMx (specifically the newly listed Polygon version) the other is meant to increase the amount of wallets who hold FRM. Get the details below.

FRMx/ETH Mine (Polygon)

Crystal Finance will deploy a FRMx/ETH Mine (LP Farm) with a whopping 5x multiplier! The higher than average multiplier was a result of a deeper partnership with Ferrum. The liquidity is sourced from an LP on our partner Apeswap’s Polygon DEX. The rewards for the mine will be paid out in CRYSTL. And yes, you read that right. FRMx will be the token to pair here! We’ve been looking for more ways to add cross-chain utility to FRMx and after recently bringing FRMx over to Polygon, this seemed like a great place to start.

The FRMx/ETH Mine will go live at 21:00 UTC on Wednesday, November 10th!

Stake CRYSTL. Earn FRM. (Polygon)

Ferrum will be providing FRM rewards for a CRYSTL staking pool. Here folks can stake CRYSTL and earn FRM. Through this, we hope to attract folks from the Crystl Finance community to Ferrum.

The FRM Staking Pool will go live at 21:00 UTC on Wednesday, November 10th!

Crystl Finance Joins the Iron Alliance

Crystl Finance will become the latest member of the Iron Alliance. With Crystl Finance joining the Alliance we look forward to them adding more avenues for our ecosystem of partners to incentivize liquidity.

In Closing

We believe that the Crystl Finance and Ferrum Network partnership will be a lot more involved than many of the partnerships we see in the space these days. At Ferrum, we’ve identified Crystl Finance as a project that we believe will support liquidity and TVL not just on Polygon and BSC but many more chains in the near future. This was an obvious indicator from very early on that our decisions to be multi-chain projects were going to end up being ones that benefited both projects immensely.

More on this partnership will be announced in the coming days!

Crystl Finance Important Links

Website | Twitter | Reddit | Gitbook | Github | Discord

Ferrum Network Important Links

Website | Telegram | Twitter | YouTube



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