Ferrum Forms Strategic Advisory Partnership with Lovelace

Ferrum Network is forming a strategic advisory partnership with soon to be launched Metaverse-as-a-Service platform, Lovelace! The Ferrum Community will receive an allocation into the Pre Sale.

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Ferrum Forms Strategic Advisory Partnership with Lovelace

What is Lovelace

Lovelace empowers creators to realize the potential of the Metaverse through its NFT marketplace, Play-to-Earn gaming engines, smart contracts, launchpad, and partner integrations.

Our Metaverse-as-a-Service toolkit helps creators breathe life into their NFTs, games, digital economies, and worlds across Cardano and other blockchains.

What does this strategic advisory partnership entail?

When Ferrum comes across opportunities such as the one that Lovelace lends itself to, we get excited! As you may have already guessed, the advisory part of “Strategic Advisory Partnership” is where Ferrum comes in. Ferrum Advisory Services will be playing an integral role and offering many of the services that we offer our incubated projects to Lovelace. These include:

  • Ferrum community will get an allocation into the $LACE Pre-Sale!
  • Lovlace will have access to Ferrum’s suite of white-label technology at favorable rates
  • Lovelace will benefit from advisory services from our team of industry-leading advisors
  • Lovelace will have access to Ferrum’s large ecosystem of partners
  • Lovelace will benefit from co-marketing efforts from Ferrum and other affiliated partners

In Conclusion

Ferrum looks forward to working with Lovelace as they work toward a successful TGE and product launch. We look forward to not only being a part of their journey pre-launch but also to be a beneficiary of their success after launch and beyond!

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

Lovelace Important Links

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Ferrum Network Important Links

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