About: Ferrum Network leverages the values of existing blockchains and connects them to a high-speed transaction layer that enables peer-to-peer transactions of any digital asset. Laser-focused on user-acquisition and global adoption, Ferrum Network has built a vertically integrated line of financial applications on top of the network, allowing users to buy, exchange, transact, and store any digital asset with no counter-party risk
 We’re awarding the community for signing-up and interacting with our test-platforms, when the betas are released. Kudi-Exchange (May Q2 19’) and UniFyre multi-asset wallet (Q3 19’)
 Main Airdrop Requirements:

Reward: 50FRM

(Optional) Ferrum Developer Airdrop 
This airdrop is specific to individuals with experience in development and coding work. We’re awarding those individuals for engaging in the development process of Ferrum Network. Optional additional awards are obtainable.

  • Join Telegram Group:
  • Introduce yourself to the group, tell about your technical background and link your GitHub, Bitbucket or location of your previous works.
  • “Star” or Like the Ferrum GitHub. https://github.com/ferrumnet
  • Additional rewards will greatly vary depending on activity within the Telegram group and making commits to the Ferrum GitHub. We’ll monitor all progress.

Reward for Dev Airdrop: 100 FRM