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Ferrum Network and InvestDex Announce Strategic Partnership

DeFi has it’s Problems

DeFi is changing finance in unimaginable ways but it has yet to be served on a silver platter. It’s still riddled with inefficiencies that are preventing it from expanding on a truly massive scale. There is yet to be one central platform that you can go to for all of your investor needs… until now!

What is InvestDex.io?

When Ferrum was introduced to InvestDex.io the team was truly blown away at the level of sophistication and ease of use of the platform. Their Pro version of the app, which can be obtained by holding 10k $invest tokens or $30 USD monthly, is a combination of Blockfolio, CoinMarketCap, DEXTools, and CoinMarketCal. It also has a built in risk management tool and they are working towards implementing a multitude of other mind bending features. It became immediately evident that InvestDex is committed to improving DeFi in every aspect possible.

What does this partnership entail?

Ferrum Network and InvestDex will be collaborating and working together in a variety of different strategic areas, maximizing our partnership to the fullest to support one another on our journeys to new heights.

Calendar for Upcoming Token Release Schedules

One of the major qualms that the Ferrum community has expressed, revolves around there not being an easy and automated way of tracking the various FAS pre-sales and when vested tokens will be unlocked. Having to refer back to the individual tokenomics spreadsheets to determine when the next airdrop will be or when and where to claim your tokens can be a nightmare.

InvestDex has a pretty slick solution for this and Ferrum is currently working closely with them to upload the aforementioned information so that our community has a way of tracking past, present and future FAS incubated project’s TGEs, vesting release schedules, etc.

Ferrum and FAS Incubated Projects to Enjoy the Spotlight

After committing to be an early adopter of this promising project, Ferrum has positioned itself to benefit greatly from what InvestDex has to offer as they grow. One such way will be the Spotlight feature. Ferrum and FAS incubated projects will be featured front and center on the InvestDex dashboard. This will generate, what we presume will be a massive amount of exposure as this platform gains traction in the space.

Whats Next?

The possibilities with a platform like this are truly endless. Ferrum and InvestDex will be working closely to determine more ways to both bring exposure to the InvestDex platform and add value to Ferrum’s community of FRM/FRMx holders.

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team



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