Ferrum Network Employs Early BUILD Grant From Polygon

With the launch of Staking as a Service on Polygon, Ferrum has officially utilized the Early Build Grant that they received from Polygon less than one month ago!

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Ferrum on a Cross-Chain Mission

Ferrum has made a real push to become a leader in cross-chain technology and initiatives in recent months. The foundation of products and services that Ferrum has laid on the Ethereum network has put us in an advantageous position when bringing that same value to other ecosystems. When deciding where to take our talents next, the choice was obvious…and that choice was Polygon!

Striking While the Irons Hot

Things move fast in crypto…but things move faster at Ferrum. Upon deciding to dedicate a substantial amount of energy toward growing Ferrum’s reach in the Polygon ecosystem, we approached the Polygon team themselves. Only one month after articulating our mission to Arjun Kalsy — Co-Founder at Polygon, and a few of the other team members, we became the proud recipients of one of their highly coveted Early BUILD Grants.

Considering Matic was already integrated with the Ferrum Cross-Chain Token Bridge, Ferrum committed to building Polygon compatibility with our Staking as a Service product with this grant. In less than a month, we’re proud to say officially that this ambitious goal has been accomplished! On August 21st, our very own FAS incubated project, Rocket Vault, will be launching a Liquidity Staking pool on Polygon!

Ferrum has consistently shown speed in decision making and has moved quickly to establish themselves in all aspects of blockchain ecosystem building such as products, incubation and investments. We are looking forward to working with Ferrum to grow our ecosystems together and we are excited to have Ferrum’s liquidity staking project Rocket Vault go live on Polygon.

Arjun Kalsy Co-Founder & VP of Growth at Polygon

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

Ferrum is just getting started on its journey with Polygon. Having already referred a substantial number of projects toward their Developer Support Program, we will continue to do our part in growing this incredible ecosystem!

Not only that, but partnerships with projects within their ecosystem such as Dfyn Network, Router Protocol, PolyDoge, and UniFarm are just the beginning. More conversations with other significant players on Polygon are already underway…stay tuned!

Where do we go from here?

Soon, Ferrum will include more networks through Ferrum Advisory Services, the Ferrum Cross-Chain Token Bridge, and Staking as a Service solution, extending their highly reputable services on Polygon and beyond to other networks. Those conversations are already underway, and exciting updates will be shared in the near future!

In Closing

We want to take this opportunity to extend our warm gratitude to the Polygon team for their vote of confidence in what we’re building over at Ferrum Network. Working with their team has been an absolute pleasure, and we look forward to many more milestones together in the future!

Stay Tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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