Ferrum Network Teams Up with Vectorblocks!

Hello Ferrum Network Community,

We are proud to announce that Vectorblocks has joined the Ferrum Network advisory team! Led by some of the smartest and hard-working guys in the industry, Vectorblocks is a global strategic advisory with a focus on long term vision, custom-made strategies, and trust-based relationships.

In this article, we quickly explain the basis for our decision to join forces, and give you a sneak peak at what we’ve been doing together behind the scenes.

Matching Values

A long term approach, transparency and honest business practices are the cornerstones of Ferrum Network. Similarly, Vectorblocks understands that long term thinking is crucial to a company’s success. We are fortunate to have filled out our advisory team with guys who share our values, and believe in building something for the future.

Immediately Adding Value: Innovative Token Metrics

Since coming on board, Vectorblocks have been working around the clock developing innovative token metrics that support the long term goals of the company, and which fit perfectly in the current market. Without revealing too many details, the metrics are designed to support long-term price appreciation, incentivize and reward early investment, and facilitate global adoption of our token and products.

Custom Strategies for Long Term Growth

Whether its developing unique marketing strategies, IEO/ICO planning, exchange listings, or helping with product/market fit, Vectorblocks will be supporting Ferrum Network across the board. We know that as Ferrum Network continues to grow in all areas, Vectorblocks will be there to provide valuable advice and support along the way.

Up Next

You’ll continue to see announcements and updates as we ramp things up, including the release of our new metrics and private sale information…

Until then, please enjoy our new “Get Schooled” bounty program and please give Willem and Robin a shout out in the Telegram group!

Very Truly Yours,

The Ferrum Network Team