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Ferrum Network to Integrate zkSync Following Ferrum Ventures Series B Investment in Matter Labs

Ferrum Network will integrate their suite of products with zkSync’s layer-2 scaling solution, following participation in Matter Labs Series B round.

Dear Ferrum Community,

Ferrum has been working relentlessly on multiple initiatives in parallel in the recent months. One of these being, Ferrum Ventures. We are thrilled to announce the first investment that this new arm of the business has proudly taken part in. We welcome Matter Labs and their ZK-Rollup system — zkSync — to the Ferrum family.

What is Matter Labs & zkSync?

Matter Labs is mission-driven organization and pioneer of zero knowledge rollups. The organization launched the first-ever public ZK rollup prototype in early 2019, was the first to implement recursive ZK proofs on Ethereum, and created the world’s first practical FPGA-based hardware for ZKP acceleration in 2020.

Recently Matter Labs announced the first EVM-compatible ZK Rollup on Ethereum’s public testnet, allowing developers to deploy existing Solidity applications to a highly scalable, low-cost environment without sacrificing the security or decentralization provided by Ethereum.

What does this strategic investment entail?

As with anything we do at Ferrum, we like to create long-lasting relationships with our partners. This goes beyond simply helping projects to raise funds. In the case of our involvement with zkSync, while we are now aligned from a financial aspect, we will be focusing our energies on aligning ourselves from a technology and ecosystem standpoint.

“When you really think about it, most of us in this space are here because of Ethereum. Ferrum’s mission has always been to breakdown barriers to mass adoption… and scaling Ethereum is one of the most important milestones in doing so. It’s a bit poetic to have zkSync — a project uniquely positioned to scale Ethereum — as our first official Ferrum Ventures investment and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

— Ian Friend, Co-Founder & COO at Ferrum Network

Ferrum Product Integration with zkSync

One of the main value propositions that Ferrum Ventures has when approaching promising young projects is our ability to provide groundbreaking tech to those projects. In the case of zkSync, these services can be offered to their entire ecosystem.

Staking as a Service
Ferrum will be integrating our highly successful suite of Staking as a Service products with zkSync. These products include:

  • Traditional Staking
  • VIP Staking
  • NFT Staking
  • Multi-Asset Staking
  • LP Staking

These products will encourage an immense amount of TVL on the network and provide a layer of utility for all projects who choose to deploy them.

Ferrum will be integrating our groundbreaking multi-chain aggregator — InfinitySwap with zkSync. This will allow for multi-chain swaps for assets deployed on zkSync making these assets more composable and helping to port liquidity to the network. InfinitySwap will look to source the volume that's transacted across the protocol by tapping into the LPs of DEXs on the zkSync network.

The ultimate goal of InfinitySwap is to become a smart routing multi-chain aggregator that solves the problem of fragmented liquidity by routing fractionalized transactions toward optimal arbitrage opportunities across multiple networks and DEXs. We’re thrilled to have zkSync along for the ride.

“At Matter Labs, we’re humbled by the talented teams that wish to work with us in helping usher in the future of open finance. We considered Ferrum Ventures to be a talented team strongly aligned with our mission and values, and look forward to witnessing the impact they’ll have.”

Tyler Perkins, CMO at Matter Labs

zkSync Joins the Ferrum Ecosystem

Ferrum aren’t the only ones who can benefit from a groundbreaking technology such as zkSync!

Iron Alliance
We’re thrilled to welcome Matter Labs and zkSync to the Iron Alliance — our ecosystem of partners. Projects within the alliance will have direct access to the team at Matter Labs and vice versa.

Ferrum Advisory Services
Projects incubated by Ferrum Advisory Services will also have direct access to the team at Matter Labs and developer support programs when building on zkSync.

In Closing

We couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining forces with Matter Labs and zkSync as they embark on a mission to scale Ethereum. We’ll look to facilitate in the process via our stake through Ferrum Ventures, our suite of products, and introducing them to the Iron Alliance.

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

zkSync Important Links

Website | Twitter | Discord

Ferrum Network Important Links

Website | Telegram | Twitter | TikTok | YouTube



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