Ferrum Network Weekly Update — August 22, 2019

Ian M. Friend, Esq.
Aug 22 · 3 min read

Hello Community,

For this week’s update, we focus tech and business developments, as well as all everything happening at Kudi, our fiat gateway + payments app in Africa.

Ferrum Network Business Update

This week we are excited to report the following business developments:

  • Secured Binance DEX listing, which will happen on Monday, August 26, 2019 at 2:00 PM GMT
  • Secured listing on 3rd exchange (name and date to be announced soon).
  • Hired a new market making team with excellent pedigree and a track record
  • Completed 1st Social Mining distribution, distributing nearly 64,000 FRM to 52 users. 2nd distribution coming next week. Sign up here and start earning today!
  • Entered into a partnership with a technology partner to support our user acquisition efforts on Kudi and UniFyre Wallet (more to be revealed soon)
  • And much more to be revealed in the comings weeks and months

Ferrum Network Tech Update

This week we are happy to report the following technical developments:

  • Built a flexible smart contract for staking, which will be implemented within the UniFyre Wallet to enable the staking of FRM.
  • Major code refactoring of the Kudi and UniFyre code base in order to improve overall experience
  • Continued development updates on the Kudi app, including a major update to add Ethereum
  • The Token Bridge has converted approximately 68,000 FRM tokens at an average fee of 27%, resulting in approximately 18,000 burned FRM.

Kudi Update

This past week was short due to public holiday, yet we were still extremely productive in growing the Kudi app for personal and business use. Here are the major updates.

  • Bogobiri Hotel and Kudi Exchange will be hosting and sponsoring 3 nights of the arts, fun, and music! Users that pay with the Kudi app will receive a discount.
  • Abuja Blockchain Conference is now confirmed. Kudi Exchange and Ferrum Network will be heavily represented. The conference boast about 1000+ attendees. We are excited for the opportunity to add these people to our growing userbase.
  • Kudi Exchange will be participating in the Blockchain DEV1000 initiative with partnership from IBM and Vite Blockchain. This is an initiative to train 1000+ Blockchain Developers in Nigeria in the next 2 years. More details will be posted shortly.
  • We are working on a major update on the Kudi Exchange app including a significant fee reduction for our users.
  • And much more to be revealed soon!

Coming Up Next

Next week we will do the first video AMA to answer the community’s questions. Please stay tuned because tomorrow we will be requesting that the community submit at least 5 questions for us to answer.

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team


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