Ferrum Officially Joins the Avalanche Ecosystem

Ferrum’s products are now live on Avalanche, FRM is listed on Trader Joe, and Ferrum is officially part of the Avalanche Ecosystem.

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Dear Ferrum Community,

At Ferrum, we maintain a strong focus on being involved in areas where we see growth. It’s no secret that Avalanche has taken this space by storm… we are proud to say that we are now part of the Avalanche Ecosystem.

What does this expansion entail?

  • Ferrum’s Products are Now Available to Projects in the Avalanche
  • FRM is Now Live on Avalanche
  • Ferrum Advisory Services to Incubate More Avalanche Ecosystem Projects
  • Avalanche is added to the Iron Alliance

Ferrum’s Products are Now Available to Projects in the Avalanche

Over 150 projects currently utilizing or having utilized our suite of products across BSC, Polygon, and Ethereum. It was time to take our talents to the hottest network in the space right now. Avalanche. We believe we will see a substantial amount of projects in the ecosystem that will utilize our services. The products that are now live on Avalanche include:

  • Ferrum Cross Chain Token Bridge
  • White Label Staking as a Service Solutions
  • Gamified Leaderboard

Stay tuned for more news regarding integrations within the Avalanche ecosystem.

FRM is Now Live on Avalanche

Not only will projects in the Avalanche ecosystem have access to Ferrum’s product suite, but we have decided to bring the FRM token itself to Avalanche. We have added liquidity to Trader Joe and look forward to seeing new faces from the Avalanche community become Ferrum community members. Stay tuned for initiatives involving FRM on Avalanche.

FAS to Incubate More Avalanche Ecosystem Projects

With so many networks out there, it can be hard to pick the right one to launch your project on. One of the key factors in determining this is whether or not a project has access to developer support programs, liquidity bootstrapping incentives, and a general line of communication with the team. The Ava Labs team is absolutely stellar to work with and we look forward to advising more projects to build on Avalanche.

Avalanche is added to the Iron Alliance

Along with Ferrum becoming part of the Avalanche Ecosystem, Avalanche will be added to the Iron Alliance as well. We look forward to introducing many pre-existing partners of ours to the possibility of following in our footsteps with Avalanche.

In Conclusion

“Avalanche is thriving and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of their growth. Ferrum is determined to add as much value as we possibly can to the network. — Ian Friend, Co-Founder & COO at Ferrum Network”

We look forward to onboarding clients, conducting initiatives, and bringing our services to the Avalanche ecosystem!

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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