Ferrum Partners with Hydro!

Dear Ferrum Network Community,

We are thrilled to announce that Hydro is now a proud partner of Ferrum Network! Hydro is an open source blockchain project comprising of multiple smart contracts (protocols) building innovative blockchain solutions for identity, security and payments. As such, it’s a perfect fit for what we are building at Ferrum.

Ferrum Network will utilize Hydro’s Snowflake protocol by integrating it into the Unifyre Wallet and later in our Sub Zero Wallet. In other words, this partnership will integrate Hydro technology into Ferrum Network’s identity authorizations, risk-free transactions and cold storage management.

As always, we are committed to bringing you the best products and integrations. Our partnership with Hydro brings us one step closer to empowering millions of users around the world with blockchain-based financial applications. Discover more at and ferrum.network and projecthydro.org

Very truly yours

The Ferrum Network Team


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