Ferrum & Presail Form Strategic Partnership To Streamline FAS Presales + Presale Contribution Steps

Ferrum Advisory Services improves the Presales process by teaming up with presale management specialists, Presail.

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Ferrum & Presail Form Strategic Partnership To Streamline FAS Presales + Presale Contribution Steps

Dear Ferrum Community,

As most of you are aware, one of the leading value propositions of Ferrum is FAS Presales. While the presale process was never broken, we don’t adhere to the “If it's not broken, don’t fix it.” philosophy. Ferrum is always striving to improve its products, services, and processes.

One of the main ways that we’re able to improve our products, services, and processes at Ferrum, is through partnerships! We’re proud to say that we are partnering with presale management specialists, Presail to further streamline and simplify the process of participating in FAS presales!

About Presail

Presail is a software and web service for everything related to the management of presales. They help VC’s and their investors get the overview they’ve been missing by streamlining and securing the process to contribute, distribute and manage deals. Their journey started after they themselves struggled to keep track of presales and IDOs. With over 200 presales and spreadsheets to manage as individual investors across different incubators, things took a toll and they wanted to solve these organizational issues for themselves and others. Their vision is to become the leader of presale management services with security as their most important priority.

Why Presail?

As was eluded to earlier, Ferrum’s presale system was by no means broken. However, we feel like we have found a partner in Presail who can most certainly improve, simplify, secure, and streamline the process even further.

Improved Security

  • All data is AES-GCM encrypted
  • Zero tracking pixels, no Google, no IP tracking, no personal data.
  • Enterprise-level Secure Access Service Edge powered by Cloudflare.

Fast and Efficient

  • Fast & Efficient — contribute to your favorite projects with ease
  • Safe Automated Process
  • Simplified steps; saving you time and avoiding confusion

“We are super excited to kick off this partnership together with Ferrum Network. Not only do we look up to them as a team and what they have been able to build — But we believe they are one of the few actors in the space that really drives the Presale space forward with their fair and original way of thinking. We are humbled to get to work with one of the best in the space, and we believe that we can shape the future of presale management together.” Hamza Nebolsi — CoFounder & Head Of Product at Presail

Step-by-Step Contribution Flow for Ferrum Community Members

Step 1 : Open The Contribution Link

A contribution link for each Presale will be posted in the Ferrum Network Announcement Telegram channel. To begin, copy the contribution link and open in a new browser window. We do not recommend opening the link directly in the Telegram in-app browser.

Next you will see the option to connect your wallet. Ensure you are connecting with the wallet address you indicated on the Pledge form.

Connect Your Wallet

Step 2: Sign form your MetaMask Wallet

Complete the connection of your wallet by signing.

*We recommend to use MetaMask. If you are using WalletConnect, we recommend making your contribution on a desktop computer.

Sign form your MetaMask Wallet

Step 3: Enter Your Contribution Amount

Your allowable minimum and maximum contribution amount is indicated on the contribution page. Enter your contribution amount in the available field.

*You can choose to contribute less but not more than your maximum allotment.

Enter Your Contribution Amount

Step 4: Make Your Contribution

Once you have entered your contribution amount, select the “Contribute: button. This action will open your MetaMask or connected wallet with the contribution amount, where you can then confirm your contribution.

*We recommend to not use slow gas as this may cause your transaction to fail

Make Your Contribution

Step 5: Complete Investor Information

Provide the requested information to ensure your contribution is correctly submitted. Failed to correctly complete this information will result in disqualification from the Presale.

  • ETH/BSC address you want us to send token to: wallet address where your tokens will be distributed. In the event of a claim system, this will be the wallet address you will connect to claim tokens.
  • Your Email: Confirming of your contribution will be sent here
  • Telegram handle: Use format “@telegramhandle”
Complete Investor Information

Step 6: Confirmation of Contribution

Once your contribution has been successfully submitted you will also receive a confirmation email.

Congratulations on completing your contribution!

Confirmation of Contribution

Ferrum Presale Contribution FAQ

1. Where can I see Ferrum’s Presale Requirements so that I can participate in Presales?

2. Will I still receive Pledge Form?

  • Yes, for all qualified FRM and FRMx holders, pledge forms will still be sent as an email to the email address you added to your Unifyre Wallet.

3. I pledged for a Presale but I cannot find the contribution link?

4. I opened the contribution link on my phone, but I’m not able to connect my wallet or I am having trouble sending my contribution.

  • If you are using WalletConnect, you will need to open the contribution link on your desktop. We recommend using MetaMask as this our preferred partner.

5. I connected my wallet, but I am seeing a message that my wallet address is not whitelisted. Why?

  • Ensure you are connecting with the same wallet address indicated on your pledge form. If you have connected with the wrong wallet address, sign out and sign in using the correct wallet address.
  • The in-app browser in Telegram may not load the Presale contribution page correctly. In this event, you may see a message that ‘No Deals Found”. Copy the contribution link and open in a separate browser outside of Telegram.
  • Lottery Tier: If you are part of the Lottery Tier you may or may not be selected to contribute. Completing a pledge form does not guarantee you will be able to contribute. When a contribution link has been announced, confirm your eligibility by selecting the link and connecting your wallet. If you were not selected you will see a message that your wallet address is not whitelisted.

6. How much time will I have to contribute to each presale?

  • Once the contribution link has been posted in the Ferrum Network Announcement Channel, qualified community members will have 36 hours to contribute.

In Conclusion

We look forward to beginning our journey with Presail and believe that this will end up being a long lasting and fruitful relationship. We will keep the community updated as we continue to customize the integration of Presail with Ferrum’s presale system. Thank you to the Presail team for helping to optimize our presale system!

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

Presail Important Links

Website | Twitter | Telegram

Ferrum Network Important Links

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