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Ferrum Receives Grant from FuseDAO to Integrate Product Suite with Fuse

FuseDAO has approved a grant that will allow Ferrum to integrate Ferrum’s InfinitySwap and Staking as a Service solutions with Fuse.

Ferrum Receives Grant from FuseDAO to Integrate Product Suite with Fuse

Dear Ferrum Community,

It is with great pleasure that we are able to say that we will be the proud recipients of a grant from FuseDAO to bring our suite of products to the “The Infrastructure for Open-Source Money” Fuse.

What does this grant entail?

At Ferrum, we are constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to not only market trends but the future of scalable and interoperable networks.

“Fuse’s mobile centric and crypto-payment focused approach were two things that really stood out to us as being aligned with our mission of ‘breaking down barriers to mass adoption.’ We love what Fuse is doing and couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with them!”

— Nick Odio EVP of Strategic Partnerships and Growth at Ferrum Network

Integration of InfinitySwap

Ferrum will be integrating the Fuse network with InfinitySwap. As we continue to add more and more networks to the bridge, the prioritization of Fuse seemed like a logical next step in fulfilling our mission of making Ferrum the multi-chain powerhouse that we envision. We look forward to being a catalyst for porting liquidity to the Fuse ecosystem!

Integration of Staking as a Service Products

Ferrum’s bread and butter has always been our tried and true Staking as a Service solutions. With this integration, we hope to not only provide these incredible products to projects already building on Fuse, but we aim to encourage more developers and dApps to make Fuse their home.

Fuse to Join the Iron Alliance

We are thrilled to welcome Fuse into the Iron Alliance. Very few ecosystems in the industry provide as much value to its constituents as the Iron Alliance. The Iron Alliance is a cohesive collective of projects, always seeking to better the landscape of decentralized protocols. We are fortunate to gain such a benevolent project such as Fuse and we look forward to seeing the value that the Alliance returns to Fuse.

“Ferrum’s range of blockchain services and commitment to cross chain crypto are instantly appealing, making them an ideal partner to Fuse Network as it grows towards mass adoption.

The FuseDAO were clear in their decision to support the partnership through our grant scheme. We’re looking
forward to working together, being part of the Iron Alliance and making great things happen!”

Rob B — FuseDAO

In Conclusion

We look forward to beginning our journey with Fuse and believe that this will end up being a long-lasting and fruitful relationship. We will keep the community updated as we work on this integration over the coming months. Thank you to the folks at Fuse for the opportunity and thank you Ferrum Community for all of your unwavering support!

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

About Fuse

Fuse is a platform featuring a fast and low-cost, Ethereum-compatible blockchain, a robust plug-and-play mobile-centric crypto payments infrastructure for creating token-based applications and a rapidly growing ecosystem of payments, decentralized finance and NFT projects.

Fuse Important Links

Website | Telegram | Twitter | YouTube | Github

Ferrum Network Important Links

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