FRM and FRMx to List on ApeSwap— ApeSwap Joins the Iron Alliance & much more

Ferrum and ApeSwap embark on a multifaceted partnership that includes FRM/FRMx listing on the DEX, staking pools, farms, and overall ecosystem growth!

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FRM and FRMx to List on ApeSwap- ApeSwap Joins the Iron Alliance & much more

Dear Ferrum Community,

As most of you know, we recently announced our intent to launch FRM and FRMx on BSC. Well, the time has finally arrived and we are thrilled to welcome our new partner, ApeSwap, into the Iron Alliance. There’s quite a lot that this partnership entails so let’s dive in.

FRM and FRMx to List on ApeSwap

Let’s first start off with the most obvious. At Ferrum, we believe in partnering with projects who will add long term value to both Ferrum and Ferrum Advisory Services. DEXs are no exception to this rule. Ultimately, we wanted to partner with a DEX on BSC that had a vibrant community, provided a layer of utility for FRM and FRMx, and played a supporting role in our launch as opposed to a nonexistent one. This is why we chose ApeSwap.

“In recent weeks, we have had quite a lot of communication with the team as a result of multiple FAS projects choosing to list on their DEX. We’ve been super impressed with how professional and helpful the guys at ApeSwap are so we decided to embark toward a more long term, bigger vision type of partnership.”

Ian Friend, Co-Founder at Ferrum Network

New Farm, New Pool

Among the many reasons that we decided to list on ApeSwap, one of them was to both add utility to our token ecosystem and generate awareness by increasing the amount of token holders in the ecosystem. Therefore we are excited to say that there will be two different mechanisms in which both communities can earn rewards:

  • Stake FRM/BNB LP and earn $BANANA
  • Stake ApeSwap Governance Token $GNANA and earn $FRMx

Important Dates and Times

So, what does this mean for Apes?

  • Buy/Sell $FRM on ApeSwap (Sept 15th at 23:00)
  • Buy/Sell $FRMx on ApeSwap (Sept 15th at 23:00)
  • Stake $GNANA earn $FRMx (Sept 15th at 23:00)
  • Stake $FRM-$BNB earn $BANANA (Sept 15th at 23:00)
  • Ferrum Reddit AMA (Sept 20th at 17:00 UTC)

ApeSwap Joins the Iron Alliance

As is now the standard with our partnerships, ApeSwap is now a part of the Iron Alliance. There are many projects going cross chain and many choosing to utilize BSC to do so. Many of these projects are ones that can be found right here in the Ferrum ecosystem.

Ferrum Advisory Services Preferred BSC DEX

Many of you may have noticed that one of our most recent FAS incubated projects Babylons chose to launch their token on ApeSwap. That was no coincidence and it was one of the smoothest launches to date. FAS will continue to steer our incubated projects launching on BSC toward listing on ApeSwap for all of the same reasons that we are choosing to list FRM and FRMx there.

In Conclusion

We are looking forward to a successful launch of FRM and FRMx on BSC but are even more thrilled about the quality of this partnership between ApeSwap and Ferrum. Look out for more developments in the near future which include other soon to be announced partners along with our Cross-Chain Token Bridge!

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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