FRM Launches on Polygon (Matic) — Adds Liquidity to Dfyn

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3 min readJun 9, 2021

Recognizing Trends and Staying Ahead

It’s no secret that the fast moving space of crypto evolves on a daily basis. For this reason, a quintessential quality that an organization must exemplify is the ability to recognize change and adapt to it early on. Oftentimes, by waiting for a trend to gain traction, you’ve already been left behind. When innovators and early adopters feel conviction about something, they have no problem diving head first, especially when others cannot see it.

The Problem of Scaling

While meme coins, Elon, and China FUD plague the industry, it’s easy to blame exterior factors for red markets instead of focusing our collective energies on things that may actually facilitate Ferrum’s original mission of ‘removing barriers to entry for mass adoption.’

The elephant in the room that many are talking about but few within the industry are doing anything about, is ‘gas fees’. Gas fees are single handedly responsible for inhibiting the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. It’s difficult to understand this if a $150 transaction fee doesn’t phase you because you may be trading thousands of dollars at a time. However, when you account for the fact that the average global salary is under $18,000 a year, it becomes easy to see why gas fees are simply unaffordable to an overwhelming majority of the world. Thus why the total market cap of cryptocurrencies is under 1.5 trillion USD (at the time of writing).

Polygon (Matic) and other L2 Solutions

What’s even more alarming than the fact that gas fees are so high is that there are solutions in place that have yet to be fully acknowledged. Solutions that solve the issue of unaffordable fees while maintaining the decentralized nature that attracted so many early adopters to crypto.

While Ferrum main net is our long term solution to the problem of scaling and lack of interoperability, in the interim, we will be launching FRM on a number of different chains, in order to build cross chain partnerships and get us to our goal faster. Having been such a crucial component to the success of so many projects, Ferrum is in a unique position to be a catalyst to extending the bull run by encouraging mass adoption. One of the clearest ways to do that, is by encouraging gasless transactions via the L2 solutions built on Polygon (Matic). While Polygon (Matic) has seen unprecedented growth over recent months, when you compare its market cap to BSC, it becomes evident that Polygon (Matic) has a long and fruitful road ahead.

Therefore, Ferrum is proud to announce that it has mapped a large amount of FRM to the Polygon (Matic) chain!

Adding Liquidity to Dfyn Exchange

Ferrum and Dfyn announced their partnership last week. This week they will take their first step together in this partnership when Ferrum adds liquidity to the Dfyn exchange in the form of an FRM/ETH pair!

What does this mean for Ferrum?

If you are unaware of the up and coming DEX, Dfyn, you will be excited to learn more! Dfyn is a multi-chain AMM DEX currently functional on the Polygon network. Dfyn nodes on various chains act as liquidity entry and exit points into the cross-chain liquidity super mesh that is being enabled by Router Protocol.

One of the core functionalities of Dfyn is that investors can now transact tokens GASLESSLY on the Dfyn exchange. If you want to buy FRM, you can now bridge ETH to Matic using Matic’s bridge, and buy FRM for fractions of a penny on the Dfyn exchange!

FRM Contract Address on Matic:

We believe that this will open Ferrum up to an entirely different type of investor and a whole new audience… and this is just the beginning. Ferrum and Dfyn have a lot more in store in terms of their partnership. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

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