Get to Know the Next FAS Presale— Revolve Games

Ferrum Advisory Services is incubating Revolve Games; a robust gaming ecosystem that is plugged into the heart of DeFi.

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Get to Know the Next FAS Presale- Revolve Games

About Revolve Games

Revolve Games is building a galactic, play-to-earn blockchain gaming metaverse built on a dynamic DeFi economy.

In the Revolve ecosystem, NFTs are paired with the native token and gameplay with staking rewards. Tethering actionable NFTs such as character, vehicles, and game builder packs to stakes of RPG reduces the value gap between the NFT-verse and the native token. It also adds some stability to the value of each actionable NFT asset, as it is always backed by a stake of the native RPG token.

Staking rewards associated with each NFT tethered staking contract are performance-based. This means the more you play and win, the more you earn. Users on the platform are able to purchase and rent land, build and monetize games, raise pets, participate in the overarching RPG story, and more.

Why Did FAS Choose Revolve Games?

It’s no secret that blockchain play to earn gaming is taking the world by storm. At Ferrum, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve by recognizing emerging trends and seeking out true winners in them. Of course, when we came across Revolve Games we didn’t hesitate.

“They ticked all the boxes from the graphics to the theme to the impressive DeFi economy that their building, which combines staking and NFT elements. Furthermore, at Ferrum, we bet on teams more than anything. Not only did Dan, James and Artem stick out in terms of their industry expertise, but they’ve been an absolute joy to work with.” — Ian Friend Co-founder & COO at Ferrum Network

Who is the team behind Revolve Games?

Dan Jensen has a background in web design and digital marketing. Before shifting his focus to blockchain and building Revolve Games, he ran a digital agency for 8 years.

“Our partnership with FAS has been a gamechanger for the project. We have benefited greatly from the wealth of industry experience possessed by the Ferrum team. They have helped us refine our go to market strategy, brought valuable connections and worked together with us to turn the vision of Revolve Games into a reality.” — Dan Jensen Co-Founder at Revolve Games

James Park has been an avid cryptocurrency investor since 2018, looking mainly at young and promising projects at an Angel/Seed/Venture Stage. He has previously worked in venture capital and private equity investing, looking at a family office’s technology, healthcare, and consumer verticals.

Artem Zaitsev has a strong background in custom software development and architecture; he has been involved in crypto and assets tokenization field since 2017. Artem is a formidable architect and applies to build structures and stacks that decrease bloat, latency and maintain the option to scale projects rapidly.

Revolve Games Snapshot Details

⏳ When:
Snapshot will occur between the following time range 👇
Start: ⏳
Thursday, September 2nd at 09:00 UTC
End: ⌛️
Friday, September 3rd at 09:00 UTC

🚨 Be sure to have your FRM and FRMx in your Unifyre wallet beforehand 🚨

See below for holding requirements 👇

In Conclusion…

We look forward to continuing this journey with Revolve Games. We will always be there to support their mission of redefining blockchain gaming from now through their TGE and beyond!

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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