Ferrum Network Airdrop!

Hello Ferrum Network Community,

We are pleased to announce our first bounty program, where participants can earn 100, 150 or 200 FRM tokens just for helping to grow the community!

Furthermore, at the end of the program, we will announce 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners where a grand prize of 35,000 FRM tokens will be rewarded!

The bounty will run for 4 weeks starting on Monday February 11, 2019 through Monday March 11, 2019.

A total of one million FRM tokens have been allocated for this Bounty campaign!

The purpose of this campaign is to spread awareness about Ferrum Network — the first high-speed interoperability network launching with a fiat gateway and peer-to-peer payments application pre-ICO!

With your help, we can all make Ferrum Network a great success and this Bounty Campaign is your opportunity to share in that success. Let’s go!

The Basics:

We will have three tiers of participation in the Bounty Program. Each tier gets a little more involved, but earns participants more tokens.

All participants must follow the rules and fill out a simple Google form in order to earn the tokens.

In addition, to receive bounty rewards, participants must download the UniFyre Wallet, which is where we will send your FRM tokens. The app will be free to download and available on or before the Token Generation Event, we will email all participants with a notification. If the app is not available in your jurisdiction, we will send you the tokens to your ERC-20 address. Tokens will be distributed around the time of the Token Generation Event.

The Rules:

To qualify for the Bounty Program, participants must meet the following requirements.

  • All Participants must have at least 50 real Twitter followers.
  • Bots will not be tolerated, sending bots to the Ferrum Network Telegram channel will result in automatic disqualification
  • Participants must follow Ferrum Network’s Twitter page and Telegram channel through the Token Generation Event.
  • Participants must fill out the provided Google form accurately and completely
  • Participants must download the free UniFyre Wallet to receive tokens

Ferrum Network reserves the right to disqualify any participant or withhold their rewards for failure to meet any of the above requirements and/or violation of the rules.

The Tiers:

If you complete the steps of Tier 1, you will receive 100 FRM tokens. If you complete Tier 2, you will receive 150 tokens. If you complete Tier 3 you will receive 200 tokens. All participants must fill out the provided Google Form (and follow the above rules) to receive their tokens.

Tier 1 — “Ferrum Fans”

  1. Follow Twitter channel: https://twitter.com/FerrumNetwork

2) Join the Telegram channel and greet us!: https://t.me/ferrum_network

  1. Like and retweet the Bounty Campaign announcement

4) Submit screen shots in the Google Form showing that you followed all steps: https://goo.gl/UbUavC

Tier 2 — “Kudi Supporters”

1) Sign up for the Ferrum Network newsletter: https://mailchi.mp/3455b61b5fd4/newsletterferrum

2) Follow the Reddit page: https://www.reddit.com/r/FerrumNetwork/

3) Tweet about Ferrum Network using the Ferrum approved Tweets in the pinned message on our Telegram channel

4) Submit Screenshots in the Google Form showing that you followed all steps: https://goo.gl/UbUavC

Tier 3 — “Infinity Bosses”

1) Follow the Reddit page.

2) Tweet about Ferrum Network for 5 days in a row, using the Ferrum approved Tweets in the pinned message on our Telegram channel

3) Follow Kudi Exchange on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kudiexchange

4) Submit Screenshots in the Google Form showing that you followed all steps: https://goo.gl/UbUavC

Note — for Tier 3 participants, Google form should be completed on the 5th day.

Grand Prize

10 of the most active contributors on the Telegram will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win the grand prize of 35,000 FRM Tokens. 3 out of the 10 will be selected and split the grand prize amongst them.

Active contributors are defined as those who actively contribute to the Telegram, regularly tweet about Ferrum Network, invite others to the chat, and otherwise actively and regularly support Ferrum Network. The Active Contributors shall be chosen at the time of the Token Generation Event and announced to the community.

Private Bounty

In addition, we will be selecting 20 participants from all 3 tiers to participate in a private bounty and earn additional tokens. We will reach out to those participants individually at a later time to explain the purpose and terms of the Private Bounty.

Next Steps:

Here is what you can expect next:

  1. We will be providing the Google form to the community
  2. We will provide sample Tweets about Ferrum Network to help with Tier 2 and Tier 3
  3. Will make an announcement on February 11, 2019 that the Bounty Program has begun!


Any questions or comments should be asked on the Telegram channel and we will respond publicly for the benefit of the community.

Thank you for participation in the Bounty Program and good luck!


The Ferrum Network Team