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Introducing Ferrum Ventures — Scaling the Ferrum Business, Portfolio & Iron Alliance

Ferrum Network is scaling its business and growing its network fast. These partnership and investment opportunities have led to the advent of Ferrum Ventures.

Introducing Ferrum Ventures — Scaling the Ferrum Business, Portfolio & Iron Alliance

Dear Ferrum Community,

As we reflect on 2021, it has been an absolutely incredible year. The amount of growth and progress that we have experienced at Ferrum is staggering. We’re proud to say that Ferrum has evolved and become one of the more reputable entities in the space; a company that others want to associate themselves with. As a result of this evolution, Ferrum is proud to introduce Ferrum Ventures.

Keep reading to understand why we embarked on this journey, what exactly Ferrum Ventures is, and how this affects the Ferrum Community and our Governance Committee.

Why Ferrum Ventures?

As stated previously, Ferrum is growing rapidly. This is evidenced by the fact that the team has gone from 4 to over 30 employees in the course of 9 short months, that we have developed multiple products over the course of the year, that we are working simultaneously on integrating our products with 8 different networks… and that we have now incubated 2 dozen projects with many more in the pipeline.

The amount of fundamentally strong projects that are launching in the space is staggering, and FAS cannot grow fast enough to provide an acceptable level of advisory services to each and every project that comes across our desk. There are also instances in which projects approach us at a very late stage and their cap tables are all but filled. In these cases, it's not uncommon for the project to include Ferrum in the raise with a small allocation simply to have Ferrum involved in some capacity.

Therefore, Ferrum has been faced with the decision to either not get involved at all or to welcome these projects into Ferrum’s portfolio — and ultimately the Iron Alliance — regardless of whether the allocation is large enough to support a raise for the entire community. For example, suppose a project offers Ferrum a $30,000 allocation. In that case, it doesn’t make sense to give all of those in the guaranteed tier a $5 allocation… but it also doesn’t make sense to leave something on the table that could bring value to the company.

What is Ferrum Ventures?

Ferrum Ventures is the arm of Ferrum that focuses on growing Ferrum’s investment portfolio. Like everything we do at Ferrum, these investments will be used to help grow and scale the business on a holistic level. Revenue generated via this arm of the business will be invested into buybacks, community growth, marketing, and scaling our ever-growing Ferrum team.

Some of the projects that Ferrum Ventures has recently invested in are:

What does this mean for the Ferrum Community?

As with everything we do at Ferrum, the first questions we ask are “how can this benefit the Ferrum Community?” and “How can we add utility to FRM and FRMx?” Therefore, Ferrum will be taking 20% of the profits from our Ferrum Ventures investments and buying back FRM and FRMx.

Ferrum Ventures may also, in the future, allow us to reward both short-term hod’ling and long-term loyalty. In the case of short-term hodl’ing, with the advent of the Ferrum Leaderboard, Ferrum Ventures may provide early-stage investment opportunities to those who want them most while simultaneously adding buy pressure to the FRM and FRMx tokens. In the case of long-term loyalty, our GC may see Secret Sales as a result of Ferrum Ventures.

In Conclusion

We look forward to continuing to solidify Ferrum’s presence in the space. We believe that Ferrum Ventures will open many doors to doing so, and this will benefit Ferrum, the growth of our team, awareness around the company, and ultimately the community.

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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