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Introducing the Ferrum Community Growth Initiative and Marketing Growth Fee

To encourage the growth of the Ferrum Community, a Marketing Growth Fee that benefits the FRM/FRMx token economy will be implemented for future pre-sales.

Introducing the Ferrum Community Growth Initiative and Marketing Growth Fee

Ferrum Community Growth Initiative

While it’s no secret to existing Ferrum holders just how lucrative our Ferrum Advisory Services pre-sales have been as of late, it seems as though it is still a secret to the crypto community at large. With your help, we can take steps to spread the word about Ferrum Network and our incredible pre-sale opportunities while also growing our FRM/FRMx holder base.

Why Are Wallet Holders Important?

Before we dive into how we aim to grow our vibrant community of FRM/FRMx holders, it’s essential to understand why wallet holders are critical to any project’s long-term success.

Increasing wallet holders offers a wide range of benefits to a project and their token holders. These include:

  • Distributed holdings resulting in less sell pressure
  • Increased awareness from centralized exchanges
  • An increase in word of mouth marketing

How Will Ferrum Increase Wallet Holders?

This is where the Ferrum Community Growth Initiative comes into play. One of the biggest causes for concerns that we have noticed discussed in the official Telegram chat, the Iron Hands community, and the Ferrum Governance Committee, is that not enough smaller holders are granted an opportunity to participate in FAS pre-sales. We agree! The barriers to entry are very high, especially for new entrants.

Therefore, we are implementing a system that will encourage the stacking of FRM from both new and smallholders and increase the chances of those holders winning an allocation into upcoming pre-sales.

FAS Pre-Sale Marketing Growth Fee

This opportunity won’t just present itself without a bit of teamwork, however. In order for smaller holders to have a chance at an allocation, that allocation needs to come from somewhere. Ferrum is fortunate to have such a strong and supportive community, and now we need to request your help to ensure the long-term growth of Ferrum. Starting with the GovWorld raise, Ferrum will be implementing a 5% Marketing Growth Fee on all FAS pre-sales from here on out.

For example: If you are granted a $500 allocation, you will be required to contribute $500 + $25 Marketing Growth Fee (5%). You will then receive $500 worth of the project’s tokens. The money generated from the Marketing Growth Fee will be reserved for smaller holders, new holders, and those who utilize the leaderboard in various ways. Stay tuned for how we will be implementing this for the GovWorld raise!

In Conclusion

We believe that the Ferrum Community Growth Initiative will bring new blood and new faces to our wonderful ecosystem of holders. We are looking forward to seeing the results, and we want to extend a ‘token’ of our warm gratitude to everyone who is making it possible!

Stay tuned!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team



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