Introducing the Ferrum Network and KuCoin Learn and Earn Campaign!

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Hello Community,

As part of the KuCoin Learn and Earn campaign, we have created this helpful overview. Please read closely before answering the questions in the questionnaire. Enjoy!

Ferrum Overview

Ferrum Network was founded in the 2018 bear market by a highly skilled team of software engineers and business professionals with the goal of furthering the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Since then, Ferrum has launched 4 products, acquired over 20,000 users, signed up 50 projects for their staking protocol with over $20 million total locked value, incubated two successful new projects, developed 8 utilities for the FRM token, and been covered by prominent media outlets such as the BBC and Nasdaq.

Ferrum’s Staking-as-a-Service business is one of the most successful in the industry, with over 50 clients and over $20 million TVL (click here for more information). The revenue generated from the staking business goes directly to FRM buybacks, with over $150,000 equivalent FRM bought back to date.

Ferrum’s incubator has incubated two exciting new projects. FRM holders have the opportunity to invest in all incubated projects if they hold at least 50,000 FRM in their UniFyre Wallet. The first project, Bondly, made approximately 15x returns for the Ferrum investors and the second project, Poolz, made approximately 20x returns. Ferrum will be announcing the third incubated project in the coming days with exclusive pre-sale access for FRM holders.

Ferrum launched its mobile non-custodial wallet called UniFyre Wallet in April 2020. UniFyre features groundbreaking “Link Drop” technology, which allows users to send crypto over any chat app using a link, which is perfect for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Ferrum launched its staking/governance token FRMx in October 2020, using the “fair launch” model with no pre-sale. It listed at $20 and is now trading around $4,000 per FRMx. The primary utilities of FRMx is that it increases allocations in all pre-sales and provides holders monthly rewards with APY as high as 30%.

In 2021, Ferrum will launch its main net. The Ferrum Network main net is a cross-chain protocol which will enable the exchange of nearly any digital asset in milliseconds for near zero fees. Each transaction on the main net uses FRM as gas, resulting in a small amount being burned. So Ferrum’s ecosystem is deflationary.

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