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Introducing the Iron Melt — An Initiative to Boost FRM/FRMx Utility

Ferrum introduces the Iron Melt — An initiative that increases the utility of FRM and FRMx while also allowing the Ferrum community to share in the success of Ferrum products.

Identifying Areas of Opportunity

Ferrum Network is a company that was not only born in but thrived in a bear market. So one might ask themselves, ‘how does a company become wildly successful in the midst of a crypto winter?’ The answer is simple. Token utility. From day one, Ferrum has given their holders a reason to hold FRM and FRMx. From the early days of First Kudi all the way to FAS presales, Ferrum has proven to be an adaptable company capable of creating value even amidst the most adverse of circumstances.

However, utility is not the only thing that allowed Ferrum to achieve the level of success that they have. Ferrum has established itself as the industry standard for a number of white label Blockchain as a Service related products. Products such as Staking as a Service, Ferrum Fair Launch Anti Bot services, and the soon to be Token Bridge have positioned Ferrum to be able to generate alternate streams of revenue outside the value of the company’s FRM holdings increasing. This is the sort of profit making quality that is found in very few projects in crypto.

Ferrum is constantly striving to further reconcile their inherent DeFi nature with the revenue generated from their ever expanding product catalogue. While Ferrum as a company may be just fine amidst a bearish downturn because of the alternate streams of revenue that these products are able to generate, seeing the token price drop knowing that the community is being negatively impacted forces us to ask a very important question. How can we add incredible amounts of utility to the FRM and FRMx tokens, while simultaneously allowing our community to share in the success created through Ferrum products and services?

The Iron Melt

We feel like we have an answer to the above question. Ferrum is excited to share its latest initiative, the Iron Melt. This is a multifaceted approach designed to add immense value to the Ferrum ecosystem by creating mechanisms that encourage burns, token buybacks that result in additional APY for FRM and FRMx holders, and staking opportunities.

Whats Next…

Over the course of the week, we will be sharing with you a different element to the Iron Melt each day. There are three pillars that make up this initiative; each one of them adding a different layer of utility and value to the Ferrum ecosystem. Stay tuned! We are so excited to share with you what we anticipate to be a monumental step for Ferrum Network and all FRM and FRMx holders!

Thank you for your support of Ferrum Network!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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Telegram: http://telegram.ferrum.network

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