Kudi Exchange Product Update!

Release 1.0.4

Dear Kudi Exchange Community,

It has been nearly 2 weeks since the launch of the app and we are proud to report that user engagement and downloads have been beyond our expectations!

We have also been hard at work improving the app based on YOUR feedback.

Product Update

In the past two weeks we have:

  1. Increased customer account limits due to overwhelming popular demand
  2. Added support for non-standard mobile numbers. Mobile phone numbers in some countries are not 10 digits. Whereas in Nigeria mobile phone numbers are usually 10 digits, so this required some adaptation to accommodate the non-standard numbers.
  3. Improved support for biometrics-based authentications
  4. Added ability to quickly lock an account if required
  5. Improved confirmation emails for transactions
  6. Better support for contact integration on the phone
  7. Several minor bug fixes

More Exciting Rewards and Referrals

We continue to see great traction with our 500 Naira download reward, which rewards you with 500 Naira just for downloading the app and joining our social media channels.

In addition, our 1 million Naira referral contest has been seeing great traction, with some of you referring as many as 10 new customers!

If you want a chance at winning 36000 Naira this week, continue to refer your friends and family to the app! The first winner to be announced soon!

What’s Next?

We are working on another major update that will add one of the biggest digital currencies to the app…stay tuned for more!

Finally, thank you for being a loyal Kudi Exchange customer and for referring your friends and family to the Kudi app!

Very Truly Yours,

The Ferrum Network and Kudi Exchange Teams


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