March 29, 2019 Weekly Traction Update

Dear Ferrum Network Community,

Hope everyone had a great week! It’s been really busy behind the scenes for us this past week as we brought on new advisors, launched a new bounty campaign and celebrated the release of our first project review.

The Traction

We are happy to report the following traction for the past week:

  • Continued technical development of the Kudi app (live in Beta)
  • Added support for Gemini Dollar, including the buy/sell/send functions
  • Perfecting code in prep for public launch — targeting 2nd week of April
  • Decentralised Chain YouTube review released
  • Launched the “Get Schooled” bounty program
  • Secured booth and speakers at Nigeria’s largest blockchain conference in May
  • Brought on Vectorblocks as strategic advisors
  • Finalizing new and improved token metrics
  • Investment committee review stage for a major fund in Zug “Crypto Valley” Switzerland

Coming up Next:

New token metrics, hard launch of Kudi Exchange, and start of the influencer/marketing campaign!

Thank you for your continued support, and please stay tuned each week for a new traction update.

Best regards,

The Ferrum Network Team