Priyank Gupta
Jul 12 · 2 min read

July has been very exciting so far and we are good to go for our IEO launch very soon. In the last few months, we have built a strong tight-knit community that truly believes in our project. In order to realise our vision and ensuring the expansion of Fesschain, we are elated to announce our new ‘Fesschain Ambassador Program’.

Fesschain Ambassadors will be helping us to connect to as many people possible on the Internet. They will be responsible for helping us to spread the word about Fesschain, educate the new entrants about our vision and community, and also share our Intent of existence.


· Be ready, capable and motivated to nurture awareness about Fesschain and connect Fesschain to people all around the world.

· Help us build and maintain a Local community of supporters (online and offline)

· Find, share, and engage with newcomers to Fesschain. We believe in the magic of word-of-mouth and wish to create the person-to-person bonding via our global ambassador initiative

· Expand Fesschain influence on key social media platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, YouTube and so on.

· Produce and publish useful content as directed

· Help translation for App / Website / PR language

· Organize local meetups and other community events (if needed)

· Connect Fesschain to interesting opportunities, partners, and individuals

· Collect and share feedback from the community in coordination with the Fesschain Core Marketing team

· Be willing to participate in community building, help to solve problems, and help to maintain an open, inviting atmosphere for constructive discussions.

Benefits :

· Fesschain Token rewards for marketing, promoting and developing the Local Fesschain community.

· Opportunity to gain knowledge of blockchain tech

· Networking opportunities with Fesschain team, partners, investors, and other ambassadors

· Additional Token rewards based on your contribution

· Fesschain Goodies and much more…

Note :

Preference will be given to the individuals having prior experience in building blockchain project communities, such as social opinion leaders, as well as individuals recommended by other Fesschain Ambassadors.

Fesschain welcomes all community members (other than residents and citizens of the United States) to apply and participate in developing a better community and world powered by Fesschain.

You will become a part of the Fesschain family and it will also give you a chance to become a leader in your local Cryptocurrency community

The program is open to all members of the Fesschain community (except India and US).

Final Confirmation will be done over a Video Call.

If you are interested in this program and ready to work with us, Please Send Your CV to this Mail id


FESS Chain is a revolutionary solution to the loopholes in the existing electronic transaction system.

Priyank Gupta

Written by

Global Brand Ambassador of Nanohealthcare (, Global Autonomous Node of waltonchain, Partnership with, Marketing Strategist at



FESS Chain is a revolutionary solution to the loopholes in the existing electronic transaction system.

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