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Jul 17 · 2 min read

📮Fesschain is Inviting all YouTubers/Influencers for a
Promotional Video🎞 Campaign!

About Fesschain
Fess stands for ‘Future of Electronic Settlement System’. This project is trying to solve the scalability, speed and safety issues existing in the blockchain. It is the first project bringing Proof of Proof Mechanism. Their Blockchain is unique in many ways and one of them is with the increasing transaction the speed propels too. So, more the transactions faster the blockchain.


YouTubers/Vloggers are expected to make promotional videos for fesschain and spread the word about the project. We expect the following contribution from the participant-
1. Make a Quality Video for Fesschain which is at least 4 minutes long.
2. Video Should be carrying only genuine and relevant Information.
3. For Every Video the participant will be paid 20$ worth fess as per the price of the last phase of IEO. Payments will be weekly.
4. Avoid Copying/Plagiarism.
5. Sharing your videos on Twitter and Telegram is Must.
6. Including the Channels link in Video description is Must.
7. Top 2 videos of the week will receive additional 20$ worth Fess tokens as a reward.

1. Minimum 1 Month Old Youtube Channel
2. At least 200 Subscribers

Additional Rewards-
If a participant manages to bring investors along with the video, he/she will be given 5% commission of the investment amount in terms of ETH/BTC.

Join the Official Video Promotion group on Telegram for all the related queries

For Rest of the Relevant Info please check

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FESS Chain is a revolutionary solution to the loopholes in the existing electronic transaction system.

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FESS Chain is a revolutionary solution to the loopholes in the existing electronic transaction system.

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