The FESSChain Whitepaper is Live Now!


The Morning can be enticing for fesschain believers as the whitepaper of the settlement system solutions provider is out now. This document thoroughly talks about the origin, need and future of the fesschain in upcoming years. Though for everyone who doesn’t wish to read long documents like Whitepaper, reading this post further can be helpful.

What is fesschain?

FESS stands for Future of Electronic Settlement System. Fesschain is a decentralised platform powered with the goodness of blockchain and artificial intelligence. This project is eyeing to revolutionise the traditional methods of payment settlement system by making speed & security as its major pillars.

The most awaited whitepaper of fesschain says,
“The primary parameter which differentiates Fesschain from other blockchain based solutions is, its underlying framework and working mechanism, which is solely designed to optimize the existing blockchain functionality and enhance security, speed & scalability.”

Why Fesschain?

With fess, it’s not only about the blockchain and AI. The key essence of fesschain lies within its awesome technological framework and vision it is carrying with the initiative. Be it the unit fragmentation and processing of the data or the real use cases being purported on the fess blockchain everything has a completely different approach to reveal. The fesschain strongly addresses the scalability issues and the promising Neutrino framework makes sure the capacities are well kept.

The Neutrino Framework

This framework ensures the speed amplification and makes sure the securitisation woes are well addressed. The clogging of the data (which is highly discouraged in the fesschain space) makes the network slow and that is why neutrino framework trims down every single unit of data which is not desired at the end of the processing. In fact, it is the same reason the fess blockchain becomes powerful with every passing transaction.

The Fess Token

Fess tokens are digital tokens building the flesh and skin of the fesschain. These are ERC-20 based and have utility for real world use cases. The tokens have the capability to power a number of applications spun within the fess environment.

The FESS Token will be of practical utility, in more ways than one. The primary objective of the fesschain initiative is to deploy our solutions through the implementation of blockchain technology at the ground level. Fess Tokens will be the center of this vision, and can be used to make payments to potential vendors, accepting FESS in future. Additionally, it can also be used to pay for various services or products of FESS and its decentralized applications. Various transaction and listing fee at the Dynamic exchange of fesschain can also be paid in terms of fesschain only. And Yes, not to forget the processing of cross border interproximal payments is an additional advantage with the fess tokens.

So, here is the basic idea about how the whole fesschain environment has been built upon over all these times. Honestly, it would not be even right to take this document even as the glimpse of the whitepaper doc but yes, for the lazy souls it surely serves the purpose.


FESS Chain is a revolutionary solution to the loopholes in…

Durga Prasad Tripathi

Written by

Founder & Global CEO — FESSChain, Blockchain Entrepreneur, Law Grad turned Techie, Trading Geek & Poet



FESS Chain is a revolutionary solution to the loopholes in the existing electronic transaction system.

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