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Agent Framework 0.11.2 released

Agent Framework v0.11.2 released

Version 1.0 is so close now, we can smell it. And see it. And soon, it’ll be close enough to pass us a drink and we’ll be celebrating the huge achievement of reaching that milestone alongside Mainnet v2. Before then, though, as we inch closer, we’re proud and pleased to release v0.11.2, delivering fixes, improved documentation, better tests and lots more.

Firstly, what’s been happening?

  • Fixed ACN envelope delivery issue where envelopes could be delivered out of order
  • Fixed a package import issue
  • Fixed an issue where AgentLoop did not tear down properly under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug in the testing tools
  • Fixed a bug where plugins are not loaded after installation in the MultiAgentManager
  • Fixed a missing dependency in Windows
  • Fixed a bug in machine learning skills, and added unit tests
  • Added unit tests for the weather, thermometer and car-park skills
  • Improved the SOEF connection’s error handling
  • Added script to bump plugin versions
  • Added gas strategy support in the aea-ledger-ethereum plugin
  • Added CLI plugin for IPFS interactions (both add and get)
  • Added support for CLI plugins to the framework

There are no breaking changes in this release, so if you’re using v0.11.0/1 then upgrading to v0.11.2 is straightforward.

Code and release notes can be found here: https://github.com/fetchai/agents-aea/releases/tag/v0.11.2

Full release available on PyPI as usual: https://pypi.org/project/aea/0.11.2/

Plug-ins also on PyPI:

Docs updated: https://docs.fetch.ai/aea/





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