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Agent Framework 0.8.0 Released

OMG: ’tis the season to build agents — 0.8.0 released. Thought we were done for the year? Think again! We’re delighted to have released version 0.8.0 of the agent framework, now just a stone’s throw away from being 1.0.

Release Notes

Let’s tear the wrapping paper off the release notes and cover some of the super-cool things that we have:

  • Optimisation! Memory requirements by the dialogues significantly reduced at run-time. Also, an almost 50% reduction in memory requirements for messages. You’ll really notice that one: it makes agents as light as a well baked Angel Cake.
  • Generic storage support! This means that the API is exposed in skills, so you could hook it up to SQLite, for example. More to come!
  • We’ve removed pickle (replaced with protobuf): now nothing stops the agent framework from becoming fully cross-language compatible, so as we move into 2021, we’ll be able to allow the building of agents in other languages which’ll enable a host of cool things: mobile native agents, IoT native agents, micro-agents for Arduinos and more…
  • Build command improved: there’s now a clear separation between runtime logic and build logic, so if you have missing dependencies, you’ll know before running and can fix it.
  • Oracles! We’ve added Oracle skills and some great documentation that includes a working example of using an agent as an oracle.
  • Skills can now reliable process many many TXs… by the end of AW-3 we were able to process thousands of transactions a day with no issues with skills and this gets better all the time.
  • The ACN (Agent Communication Network) has had a bunch of stability fixes so it’s more reliable than ever.

Of course other than the above, we’ve done a bunch of minor updates and fixes across the board, including improvements to the documentation, improved tests, ledger state queries, and some updates to buyer skills.


As always, you can get it from PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/aea/0.8.0/

And see the detailed release notes and code here: https://github.com/fetchai/agents-aea/releases/tag/v0.8.0

And see our updated docs here: https://docs.fetch.ai/aea

More cool stuff coming in 0.8.1, of course, but we may rest a bit in the coming week or two (or will we? 2021’s still a couple of weeks away, and we’re still tap-tap-tapping away at the keyboards…).

Also coming up: a ton of SOEF improvements so that you can label your agents with even more interesting, searchable meta-data, our SOEF visual explorer and more.Here’s to 2021!



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