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Agent Framework 0.9.0 released

*Agent Framework v0.9.0 and SOEF 0.3.7 released*

Welcome to 2021, let it be a great one! We’re getting really close to v1.0 and it’s super exciting: after working hard throughout the Christmas and New Year break, we’ve released updates for the agent framework and the SOEF, and there’s more to come: AW-4, SOEF explorer web site, and a ton more.

Agent Framework v0.9.0 Release Notes

Let’s start with the Agent Framework:

  • Proof of representation on the agent communications network (ACN): you can’t misrepresent yourself any more, either intentionally or by accident. This makes the ACN far more secure
  • Added `issue-certificates` CLI command for the proof-of-representation
  • Added automated spell checking for all documentation files
  • Full test coverage on example code: if you see it in the documentation, it should absolutely run!
  • Added fingerprint support with a path
  • Updated the documentation as a result of the huge amount of great feedback we’ve had: do let us know what you think
  • Added support for syncing local and remote registry

We’ve also made a great number of other bug-fixes and improvements, such as in the `MultiAgentManager`, `AgentConfigManager` and more.

Agent Framework v0.9.0 Documents

For more details on this release: https://github.com/fetchai/agents-aea/releases/tag/v0.9.0

And you can get it from PyPI: https://pypi.org/project/aea/0.9.0/

Updated docs are here: https://docs.fetch.ai

And the upgrade guide from previous versions is here: https://docs.fetch.ai/aea/upgrading/

SOEF 0.3.7 Release Notes

The SOEF 0.3.7 has considerable internal and a bunch of external improvements:

  • New personality piece for altitude
  • Massively improved networking
  • Improved privacy: defaulting to private in more cases
  • Preparations for incentivised node operation

Its documentation has also been updated to reflect changes: https://docs.fetch.ai/aea/simple-oef/

And… finally… *we’ve got apps*! A web-based SOEF explorer and an iOS native App for your iPhone. Web-based is online, in final test and is expected to launch any day: if you _need_ it for development purposes, please do get in touch. The iOS app will enter beta testing in the coming week: if you’re interested in taking part in that beta testing, please also get in touch.

Also: AW-4! Starts *this week*. Stay tuned for information!

(PS: Join us in Discord for lots of chat and support! Fetch.aihttps://discord.gg/APYaJcXgtT)

Web-based OEF explorer
early beta iOS app for exploring the OEF
early beta iOS app for exploring the OEF



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